Nieuwsbericht Kankanamalage
Nieuwsbericht Kankanamalage

Take a closer look at colleagues' work

More than 4,000 people work in education at Radboud University. Knowing how your colleagues teach is therefore almost impossible. Or is it? Throughout October, you can see innovative teaching projects and educational research by colleagues in a mini exhibition of Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC). You can visit the exhibition in the stairwells on the 15th floor of the Erasmus Building. 

In the exhibition, you will see what problems colleagues or their students encountered in teaching, what solutions they came up with and how it turned out. Discover, for example, how colleagues from Pedagogical Sciences have investigated how students prepare seminars or how colleagues from Radboud In'to Languages are investigating how an online course in Academic Writing helps students improve their language and writing skills 

All projects are in Radboud teaching and funded with innovation and research vouchers from the TLC. This way, every lecturer can get started with innovation in teaching and research on teaching and learning. 

With the exhibition, the TLC wants to make educational innovation and research visible and encourage knowledge sharing. The exhibition travels across campus and can be seen throughout October in the Erasmus Building. Visit the exhibition and take a closer look at colleagues' work! 

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