Target group research with the Radboud Student Panel

Do you have a topic where you are wondering: what do students think about this? For this, you can consult the Radboud Student Panel. The Radboud Student Panel consists of a pool of more than 1400 students from all faculties who can be approached for a variety of topics.

The Radboud Student Panel is a collaboration between Radboud Services and the faculties with the aim of better tailoring Radboud University's services to the needs of the target group.

First experiences of colleagues

Through the Radboud Student Panel, topics for the Financially Healthy Student lecture series were collected through a survey. Minke Omlo of Student Affairs enthusiastically announced: 'Within a week, almost 100 students have already provided feedback, very nice!' In addition, a panel discussion was held on what form students would like to receive their diploma in:

The input from students was very useful, they thought along very well. Good that both Dutch and international students were present. 

Student involvement

Students who have signed up for the Radboud Student Panel receive an e-mail every month with the requests that apply to them. They choose which surveys they want to participate in. Naturally, they receive compensation from the client for their efforts. For example, prizes are raffled off in surveys and they receive a voucher for participating in a focus group. In addition, the principal links the results of the research back to the participating students. Students say they like this and feel that their input is being used.

Assistance with your research

Do you already know exactly how you want to design your target group research? Or would you like to collect students' wishes and needs about your service, but are not sure how? We are happy to help you decide whether a panel discussion, survey or user test is the best way to go about this. And how to set up your survey properly, for example.

Contact information

Do you want to improve your services and consult students in the process? Then get in touch via studentenpanel [at] (studentenpanel[at]ru[dot]nl) or speak to a colleague from the working group.

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