Team Science Award 2022 for TD Lab
Team Science Award 2022 for TD Lab

TDLab wins Team Science Award 2022

The team of the Life Science Trace Detection Laboratory was awarded the Faculty of Science Team Science Award in recognition for their results and team effort in their research during the 4 Days Marches.

During the 4 Days Marches, the team measured the effect of exercise on people with various health conditions via direct and real-time measurement of the metabolites in exhaled breath. Additionally, the researchers measured the air quality with a specially equipped cargo bike, driving next to the assigned walking routes.

Bringing research into the field can only be done as a real team effort, bringing together people with various expertises and backgrounds: from people involved in the 4 Days Marches, medical specialists, or the education centre, to our department's physicists, chemists, and data scientists.

Simona Cristescu, group leader TDLab: "I am happy and proud that my team received the award as a symbol of our accomplishments. I really enjoyed the spirit and energy of the team. A huge thanks to everyone making it a success, and the most sincere thanks to the jury members."

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