Onderzoeker bekijkt oude teksten via microfilmlezer
Onderzoeker bekijkt oude teksten via microfilmlezer

Ted van Aanholt one of twelve new Faces of Science

Ted van Aanholt, PhD candidate at the Center for the History of Philosophy and Science, is one of the KNAW's twelve new Faces of Science.

The KNAW announced this on Thursday (in Dutch). Faces of Science is a network of PhD candidates who 'give a face to science' through blogs, vlogs, and presentations. On FacesofScience.nl, dozens of PhD candidates blog about their research, science in general, and their life as a scientist. They show how diverse science actually is and aim to inspire and excite young people about science. New Faces of Science are nominated by members of the KNAW, members and alumni of The Young Academy, and NEMO Kennislink.

The forbidden philosophy of atomism

Ted van Aanholt researches atomism, an important philosophical movement that flourished in the seventeenth century. Nowadays, of course, we all know that the world is made up of atoms. In the seventeenth century, however, things were quite different: back then, this view could cost you your job - or worse! Ted investigates why this view was so controversial at the time and how scientists dealt with this censorship.

Over the next few years, Ted will write blogs and film vlogs about his research, as well as about what a historian of philosophy actually does. Stories about visiting old libraries and digging through church archives for example, but also about what it is like to hold a five-hundred-year-old book and about the bond you develop with philosophers who have been dead for centuries. 

If you are curious, you can already read more about Ted's project on his project page and soon you can find him on FacesofScience.nl