Verbouwing station Heyendaal
Verbouwing station Heyendaal

Temporary relocation of Heyendaal Station bicycle parking

Heyendaal station will get wider platforms, a new crossing over the tracks and a larger bicycle shed. In preparation for the work, the current bicycle parking area will temporarily move to the Kiss & Ride along Heyendaalseweg.

Bicycle parking closure 29 April

From 22 April, signs will direct travellers to the new temporary bicycle parking area. The area where bicycles used to be parked will be closed with construction fencing on 29 April and any bicycles still there will be removed. Is your bike parked in this space? Then move it to the temporary bicycle parking spaces before 29 April.  

Find out more about the rebuilding, planning and progress on the municipality's website (in Dutch): Verbouwing station Heyendaal