New books Library of Science
New books Library of Science

Ten new online handbooks

The Library of Science has acquired ten online handbooks in a variety of science research areas. All ten books can be found as e-books in RUQuest. The books can be downloaded in their entirety or by chapter or read online through the publisher's website.

It concerns the following books:

Sharing e-books

Would you like to share an e-book with your students? Please do so through a proxy link. That way you know for sure that you are not violating copyright and students can also access the book when they are not on campus. 

Making a proxy link is easy: place before the link to the book. So in the case of this copy: the proxy link becomes:

Are you missing a book in our collection? Please let us know. If possible, we will gladly procure the book, preferably as an e-book. Contact us, we are happy to help.

Contact information

For more information, please get in touch with the Library of Science.

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