Ronald Kroeze
Ronald Kroeze

The Senate too political?

On Thursday 16 February, political historian and director of the Centre for Parliamentary History (CPG) Ronald Kroeze was a guest at the Nutshuis in The Hague. During this Current Affairs Lecture, organised by Radboud Reflects, Kroeze discussed provincial and senate elections together with political philosopher Marcel Wissenburg.

Political parties are investing tons more in campaign budgets for Provincial Council elections in 2023 than in 2019. Why are they doing this? Are they really about the seats in the States? Or is it about the next step in the stepped elections: the Upper House?

This battle for the Upper House is at odds with the traditional image of the Senate: a business institution with independent members. But now that seat distribution there is a factor in coalition negotiations, party politics seems to have invaded the Senate too. What is the function of the institute? And is the Upper House now really becoming political?

Curious? Watch the Current Affairs Lecture here, or listen to the lecture as a podcast here.

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