Thermostat stays at 19 degrees

Since April onward at Radboud University, the thermostat has gradually gone down to 19 degrees. A review found that there are sufficient reasons to keep it that way for the time being.

Lower gas consumption

Gas markets are still very scarce, prices remain high and the gas we use (LNG) has a higher CO2 footprint than the familiar Groningen gas. On the gas meters, we see that Radboud University's gas consumption in 2022 will be reduced more than 20% in comparison to 2021. Turning back the thermostat is not the only cause. For instance, 2021 was also quite a cold year and 2022 has actually been very mild so far.

Reduction more noticeable

In the coming period, the reduced temperature in the buildings will be more noticeable. We as humans heat up to 19 degrees and we cool down from 23 degrees. The warm weather still caused the buildings to be often warmer than 20 degrees in summer, but this will not be the case as temperatures keep dropping lower.

Move more

Especially if you sit at your desk a lot, you can get cold faster. Of course, you can put on an extra layer of clothes or put a blanket over your legs. The easiest way to get warmer is to exercise more. This is not only good for your body's overall health, but also works against cold hands. So get up regularly, do your meetings standing up,  or do a workout from the Radboud Sports Centre.

Medical reasons

People for whom 19 degrees is too low for medical reasons can contact the Service Centre.