Nieuwe website

Towards one website

A Taskforce started in January. This Taskforce will spend the next 6 months (until July 1, 2023) cleaning up the old iProx site and transferring the necessary information to our new site in Drupal.

The Task Force is formed by communication staff from the M&C division and the faculties. They work according to the principles of the project User-focused Online and in this way establish a basis for the new website, which can then be optimized. When the Task Force starts working on a new part of the website, the administrators of that information part of the website are notified.

Due to the accelerated transfer of content, you may not find information where you are used to. You will sometimes be linked to a page on the new website. In the coming period, we will keep you informed about what information has been transferred and where you can find it on the new website. We will provide updates on the transferred content in this article and in our weekly newsletter. 

Transferred content