Hand met Billie Cup
Hand met Billie Cup

Towards sustainable recycling: no disposable plastic on campus from 2024

Disposable plastics pollute the environment and deplete our raw materials. So new rules on the use of disposable plastics will apply nationwide from 1 July: if you use them, you will have to pay more for them. Radboud University has chosen not to use single-use plastic containers for drinks and meals in sales on campus from 1 January 2024.

Reducing the use of disposable plastics is an important step in protecting our planet, not only to reduce litter, but also to prevent depletion of our raw materials. The government has introduced new rules on the use of disposable plastics with the aim of reducing the amount of plastic waste: you can read them at minderwegwerpplastic.nl.

No more disposable plastics from 1 January 2024

As Radboud University falls under the 'institutions' category, the campus must be free of disposable plastics from 1 January 2024. Until then, an extra charge for using plastic packaging does not have to be levied. This does not mean that we will now sit back and wait for it to happen: step by step, we are already moving towards a sustainable future by switching from disposable plastics to reusable materials.

Away with the disposable cup and plate

One example is the introduction of the Billie Cup as an alternative to disposable cups. The introduction of this reusable and exchangeable cup already cut the use of disposable cups by 165,000 in 2022. You can buy the Billie Cup at all coffee corners on campus for a sustainable takeaway coffee. You can of course also use it in the coffee machines.

More changes will be implemented within the next six months, especially in the cafes and restaurants and in the coffee and tea machines. One of the changes is the switch to using crockery instead of disposable packaging for snacks and meals. Where possible, the transition will be made earlier than the deadline of 1 January 2024. At various locations, for example, the use of disposable cups at coffee machines is no longer possible.

Make a contribution!

Anyone can contribute to cutting the use of disposable plastic. Have you come to study, work or attend a lecture? Then bring your own reusable cup! You can in this way contribute actively to reducing the environmental impact of disposable products.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, contact supportfb-cf [at] ru.nl. You can read more about the new measures on the government website.

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