Transgressive behaviour

The BOOS broadcast about the abuses at The Voice of Holland caused a stir in Dutch and international media. Perhaps this (social) media coverage also evoked an unpleasant memory of what happened to you. Know that you can always talk to our confidential advisors, even if you are not sure whether you should report it or not.

Confidential advisor

A confidential advisor can help you to put your thoughts in order. Ultimately, you decide for yourself whether or not you want to report the incident. A conversation is always confidential and our team of confidential advisors is there for you. We are here for you: you can find more information here. If you would like to talk to one of our counsellors, please send a short message to: vertrouwenspersonen [at] (vertrouwenspersonen[at]ru[dot]nl).

Confidential contact person

There are confidential contact persons within several student organisations. Students who wish to report cases of discrimination, bullying, aggression or (sexual) intimidation within the student organisation can contact this person. This confidential contact person provides the first, low-threshold reception and, if necessary, can refer the reporting party to, for example, the Radboud University confidential advisor. Read more about these confidential contact persons and the training they receive in this ANS article (in Dutch), you can also check out an example of confidential contact persons at the Vegan Student Association’s website.

Vice-President: 'I am well aware that the intention for a safe campus is easily expressed and written down'

In her first column, Agnes Muskens, the new Vice-President of the Executive Board, looks back on her first weeks at Radboud University and discusses the topic of social safety. Read her column on