Two new publications Hanna Carlsson: older people have less confidence in elderly care

Researcher Hanna Carlsson and public administration students have published two research articles on the decline of trust in elderly care by older people and the growing role of social work.

The first study, "Vertrouwde zorg", conducted by Hanna Carlsson, Monique Kremer and public administration students, reveals a crisis of trust in elderly care due to the complexity of the system and the influence of market forces. The report shows that especially older people with lower incomes feel vulnerable due to uncertainty about the cost of care.

The second study highlights the growing role of social work in elderly care, especially in highly diverse urban areas such as Amsterdam. It highlights the obstacles of discrimination and taboos in both care organisations and migrant communities and advocates for more attention to elder care within social work training, along with addressing discrimination in the workplace. It highlights the importance of strengthening trusting relationships and proximity in care, with social workers playing a crucial role.