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Two PhD's via PhD's in the Humanities

Two of our Research Master Students, Lisa Kampen and Sümer Şen have successfully obtained funding for their PhD projects at Radboud University. This is no mean feat as they went up against humanities scholars from across the nation and were able to secure two of the sixteen scholarships.

Lisa Kampen was able to convince the NWO of the merits of her project entitled Mary Whiton Calkins (1863– 1930) and the Rise of Modern Psychology. She will conduct research on the American philosopher and psychologist Mary Whiton Calkins (1863-1930) and her role in the emergence of modern psychology.

Sümer Şen impressed the selection committee with his project Why the World Has Only One Agent: A Philosophical Comparison of Muslim and Christian Occasionalism. In this project, he will delve into a comprehensive comparison between Islamic and Christian versions of occasionalism, the idea that only God can truly influence the world.

Both of them will be joining the Center for the History and Philosophy of Science, and the faculty wishes them great success in their endeavors.