Opening Academisch Jaar 2022-2023
Opening Academisch Jaar 2022-2023

University medal for Peter Hagoort and Bianca van Oijen

This year we are awarding the Radboud University Medal in bronze and silver. Every year the University Medal is awarded to employees who have made a special contribution to Radboud University. This year, Professor Peter Hagoort will receive the silver and Bianca van Oijen the bronze University Medal. They will be presented the medal during the Opening of the Academic Year on 4 September 2023.

Peter Hagoort

Professor Peter Hagoort has been with Radboud University since 1999 He is the founder of the Donders Institute, professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and director of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.

The Jury appreciates Peter Hagoort as a very exceptional scientist, who in three decades has built up an impressive scientific oeuvre with enormous, worldwide impact, and with very great significance for Radboud University in general. He was instrumental in the creation of the Donders Institute and subsequently played a prominent role in its expansion. He is also a talented leader who inspires and provides his colleagues with advice in difficult situations. The Jury sees him as one of the Radboud University's most distinguished and influential scientist, who has inspired generations of students and researchers, as well as thousands of people outside science. He is an undisputed ambassador of Radboud University.

Bianca van Oijen

Bianca van Oijen has been with Radboud University since 1999. For a large part of her career she has worked at the Faculty of Law, the last few years as Manager HR. In January 2023, she made the switch to the Faculty of Arts.

Bianca van Oijen is a highly knowledgeable, committed and conscientious HR professional with measured judgment who has made a lasting mark on HR policy within various faculties. Within the Faculty of Law, she very expertly built and shaped the faculty HR policy from the ground up, while growing from youngest HR employee to head of HR. She does so in a cheerful manner, with integrity and drive. It is also clear that she knows how to find the fine line between being strict and getting people along, even when things are difficult, and that she has the talent to guide and motivate people. Bianca van Oijen fulfills her function exceptionally well. She plays a connecting role and gets along with everyone. You wish for such a personnel officer for every faculty.

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