studenten achter computer
studenten achter computer

Update implementation Ans

We would like to inform you about the status of the implementation of Ans, the replacement testing software for Cirrus. This message is a follow-up to the one from last November. After the summer holidays, from the start of the next academic year, all digital tests will be administered in Ans.

Implementation Ans 

In Test Periods 2 and 3 we administered several digital FSW-exams in Ans. Teachers and students involved have had their first experiences with Ans. In the coming weeks we will prepare the final 'pilot tests' with Ans. These will be administered in Test Period 4. 

Positive experiences of users with Ans include the intuitive and clear interface, item types (including a beta version of an item with Code Editor functionality) and fewer clicks to prepare a test. The marking functionality and reporting page of an administered test are also user-friendly. The Exam team is working on a file to import testmaterial into Ans. We also expect to organize an user training for teachers in the autumn. Of course, a lot of information about Ans can be found online: click here

Conversion Cirrus to Ans 

Last autumn we asked some of the FSW teachers about test material that had to be converted from Cirrus to Ans for them. But does a test assignment from Cirrus still function as desired after importing it into Ans? Fortunately, considerable technical progress has been made to achieve this conversion as best as possible. Based on tests with this conversion method, final improvements are currently being implemented. We will carry out the first final conversion at the end of May.

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