Twee handen met draadjes en bolletjes
Twee handen met draadjes en bolletjes

Update Recognition and Rewards (R&R) programme

The Recognition and Rewards (R&R) programme within the Faculty of Social Sciences started energetically on 1st April 2023 with two spearheads: 'Workload reduction' and 'Diverse career paths and profiles'. Together with staff members, the R&R programme team (Sabine Geurts, Hanneke den Ouden and Serena Daalmans) will work on the above themes.

Workload reduction

Update November 2023

At the end of September, we held a constructive meeting with functional administrators of Brightspace, Osiris, Cirrus, and the Examination Board. Beforehand, together with the workload reduction theme committee, we identified issues that lecturers experience in education-related systems. The conversation brought crucial insights for lecturers and administrators, such as the importance of correct course and test information in Osiris in view of authorisations in other systems (e.g. Brightspace). System administrators will now emphasise this importance more actively and ask lecturers for an extra check two weeks before the course starts. Our request for some kind of annual schedule for lecturers to supply the right information was positively received, with the hope of also relieving system administrators with this. The first meeting provided valuable guidance, and we are taking joint steps to solve issues in education-related systems. Two functional administrators now also participate in our workload reduction theme committee. This allows us to ensure even better coordination between teachers and administrators.

Update September 2023

In addition to the R&R programme team, ten employees (both WP and OBP) participate in the 'workload reduction' theme committee. In two sessions, the recommendations from two previously published reports on workload reduction were examined, and three themes were chosen that we think should be given the highest priority at the moment:

  1. ICT systems
  2. 'Trust, accountability and collaboration between WP and OBP'
  3. Real educational task models

In the short term, we will discuss the main tie-ups in education-related ICT systems with the functional managers of Osiris, Brightspace and Cirrus.

Diverse career paths and profiles

Update November 2023

We held follow-up discussions with the theme committee (directors and HR) and the sounding board group. Important questions are: What profiles do we want to distinguish, and what criteria per job level are appropriate? Is there a need for a profile with a stronger educational accent and, for example, a different education/research ratio? Is there a need for a separate profile with a stronger focus on 'impact'? How do we make 'academic citizenship' visible and value it sufficiently? How does 'leadership' play a role at the various job levels, and what do we expect at the very highest level? Do we pay enough attention to horizontal development steps? In short, there are a lot of questions, sometimes already with answers, but often no ready-made solutions about the 'how'. Fortunately, this is not yet necessary. It is especially important that we hear all parties as clearly as possible and carefully weigh up the SWOTs (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) during the development process. We will continue to do so with all stakeholders and with great enthusiasm.

Update September 2023

All research and programme directors, HR and a Faculty Board delegation, participate in the 'career paths and profiles' theme committee. The aim is to create more diversity and flexibility in the UD-UHD-HL path, including clear selection and promotion criteria in the core domains (research, teaching, impact and leadership). The career path for lecturers will also be included.

To ensure that the proposals from the themed committee also have wider support, we hold regular consultations with a 'career paths and profiles' sounding board group of 12 employees (WP) working within various research institutes and/or study programmes and at different job levels. Sabine and Hanneke have now met with (almost) all directors (research and education), as well as with the sounding board group.

In September/October, follow-up talks are planned with both the themed committee and the sounding board group. In addition, as R&R programme leader at FSS, Sabine will participate in the RU-wide Career Paths working group for the next two years. This working group advises the RU-wide R&R steering committee in which, among others, all deans and the Executive Board are involved.

Stay informed and have your say!

Members from the theme committees and sounding board group will soon be introduced via the website and information screens in the Maria Montessori building. In the faculty newsletter, we will give an update on the progress of the R&R programme each time. If there are issues you would like to bring to the attention of the R&R programme team or if you would like to contribute ideas on any of these themes, do not hesitate to email us: erkennen-waarderen-FSW [at]

Overzicht medewerkers die deelnemen in de themacommissie Werkdrukvermindering
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