Portret Vera Blazevic
Portret Vera Blazevic

Vera Blazevic wins award for AACSB’s 2024 Class of Influential Leaders

Dr Vera Blazevic, associate professor of Marketing, won the award for AACSB’s 2024 Class of Influential Leaders. With this award, Vera is one of the 22 business school researchers that was honoured by AACSB International. This annual initiative recognizes notable alumni and researchers from AACSB-accredited business schools whose work inspires positive change in the business world and society at large.

With her expertise on how to use GenAI for responsibly managing (creative) business tasks, Vera guides organisations, educators and policymakers on the benefits and risks of GenAI. She thereby fulfils the mission of our faculty to deliver ‘responsible governance for sustainable societies’. Besides, in her research, she examines the responsible deployment of GenAI in creative tasks to develop a better understanding of how and under what conditions professionals will beneficially co-create with GenAI. Thereby, her research contributes to the responsible integration of GenAI into work contexts and society at large, again helping us as a faculty to demonstrate not just ‘what we are good at’, but ‘what we are good for’, as a strategic imperative in our endeavour to have and deliver real impact for society and organisations.

Also in education she flagged the importance of AI tools to increase the awareness and engage in a discourse. She coaches teachers, gives feedback on how to innovate teaching with the support of AI and provides students feedback on their assignments. Besides, she informs wider society on the usage implications of GenAI, as her work has been picked up by media.

Hence, her research offers novel and fundamental insights and guidelines of how and when to responsibly augment human (innovation) tasks with GenAI, which is not only relevant for professional work settings, but also for educational staff and policy makers. This is important, as we need to prepare professionals for a world with GenAI, where AI will not replace humans, but humans with AI might replace humans without AI.

The faculty congratulates Vera on this honourable recognition!

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