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Walking 200 kilometres for charity

This year, several people of the Faculty of Social Sciences are walking the Four Days Marches. Keep up to date on their trek past Elst, Wijchen, Beuningen and Groesbeek to their final destination at the end of the Via Gladiola on our Instagram channel. One of the walkers is Olivier Timmermans, an Artificial Intelligence student, who is walking this year for the Stomach, Liver and Bowel Foundation.

Olivier Timmermans

'This year, I am walking the Four Days Marches for the second time. I walked the previous year for the first time, but it was shortened, and I want to experience the full four days. I decided to walk for charity, the Stomach, Liver and Bowel Foundation, because I have bowel and liver disease myself.

Unfortunately, I have not trained as much as I would have liked, but I have already run 50 kilometres once and walked 40 kilometres two days in a row. What I liked most about last year's walk was getting to know new people and the enthusiasts cheering along the road in the villages you pass through. And, of course, the Via Gladiola! When I've been going through it for a while, it helps to walk together with some of the English walkers and sing along to their songs.'

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