Cultuurtraject ILS
Cultuurtraject ILS

What Information & Library Services' culture track looks like

At the end of 2022, the Information & Library Services (ILS) division launched a culture track. Employees of the division were invited and challenged to describe what the future work culture should look like and then shape it.

Why a culture track?

In the Information, Automation & University Library column review, employees of the Information & Library Services division indicated that it was important to pay attention to the different cultures within the division, brought together by the reorganisation. In addition, the division - together with partners at faculties and other divisions - has formulated an ambition that calls for continuing development as an organisation and professionals. That development also relates to the work culture.

How do we do this?

After a careful selection process, the project group chose agency AAIM to support the division in this process. AAIM's working method is based on the idea that you have to adapt underlying structures to make permanent culture change possible; think of consultation structures, management structures, HR structures or leadership structures. 

Structure facilitates behaviour, for example: if in a call centre you steer towards handling as many calls per hour as possible, employees will behave differently than if you steer towards maximum customer satisfaction.

Phase 1: research into desired work culture

In the first phase of the project, AAIM researched the current and desired work culture. For this purpose, an online survey was conducted and 120 colleagues were interviewed. The results of the survey showed employees would like to work towards an organisation that is more result-oriented and innovative.

Phase 2: interventions and designs

Six think-along sessions took place in late January and early February in which a total of 72 colleagues participated. During these sessions, participants were invited to come up with concrete proposals for feasible interventions that would bring the division closer to the desired work culture. This yielded many good suggestions.

In turn, these ideas for interventions form the input for the design sessions, in which the entire ILS management and members of the project group participate. These sessions will result in an action plan for the next phase.

Phase 3: getting started

In the third phase (April - June 2023), various teams will get to work to further develop and implement the action plan within the division. After this phase, of course, the track is not finished, but then it will be transferred to and further implemented in the standing organisation. 

If you want to know more about the trajectory, for example about the outcomes of the research phase, please visit Radboudnet.

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