Wie is de Mol?
Wie is de Mol?

Participate in our 'Wie is de Mol?' pool and become the 'Molloot' of the Faculty of Arts!

¡Vamos a México! On Saturday 6 January 2024, a new season of 'Wie is de Mol?' starts again, so you could crown yourself the 'Molloot' of Arts by playing in our faculty pool. This game can be played while watching the Dutch TV show Wie is de Mol? on NPO 1.

How do you play?

Download the app for Android or iOS and fill in the registration form down below. After your registration, you will receive the invitation to the Faculty of Arts' pool. Do you register before Saturday 6 January? Then you'll have a chance of winning a signed 'Mole' booklet by presenter Rik van de Westelaken!

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How to win?                                                                      

Once the mole has been unmasked, the winner will receive, in addition to the glory, a special 'Wie is de Mol?' prize. The number two wins our brand-new Arts' canvas bag and the number three gets a Radboud T-shirt! Enough reasons to compete (again) in our pool! If you have any questions, you can send an email to communicatie [at] let.ru.nl (communicatie[at]let[dot]ru[dot]nl).

About Wie is de Mol?

Wie is de Mol? is an adventurous game show in which ten Dutch celebrities carry out various quests abroad. The candidates have to work together to earn 'Mole' money. Among them is one mole who tries to sabotage this. Viewers at home can play along by betting in the 'Wie is de Mol?' app who they suspect is the mole. At the end, the app winner is the one with the most points.

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If the registration doesn't work or if you have any questions, please send an email to communicatie [at] let.ru.nl (communicatie[at]let[dot]ru[dot]nl)

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