Collegevoorzitter Daniel Wigboldus en zijn zoon tijdens de vierdaagse 2022
Collegevoorzitter Daniel Wigboldus en zijn zoon tijdens de vierdaagse 2022

Will you walk the 4Daagse? Get sponsored for Radboud100

Great that you are walking the 4Daagse this year! Give your participation this lustrum year extra meaning by joining the 4Daagse Sponsor Walk for Radboud100. This way, you will contribute to a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for everyone.

'I am walking for Radboud100, a new initiative of the Radboud Fund at our centenary to invite donors to contribute to our research and education. Last year I participated in the 4Daagse for the first time, in the three-day edition. I already found that quite tough. By walking for Radboud100 this year, I feel a responsibility to finish four days. I warmly invite other people to follow me in this. I look forward to making our walking strides together with others for Radboud100.' - Daniël Wigboldus, president of the Executive Board


Radboud100 is a group of people who together support research and initiatives from Radboud University. This year, for example, Radboud100 helps refugees to study in freedom, and supports research into flowery dykes that better protect us. Radboud100 is an initiative of Radboud Fund. Read more about the Radboud100 projects.


If you get sponsored for Radboud100 during the 4Daagse, you will receive a special Radboud100 pin at the Via Gladiola. At the campus we will give you a warm welcome and help you the last kilometres to the finish. Does your sponsorship raise 100 euros or more? Then you will receive the book ‘Honderd jaar Radboud Universiteit in 101 beelden’, an ode to the anniversary of Radboud University.

Take action

Are you walking for Radboud100 during the Nijmegen 4Daagse? Fantastic! Go to the website, click the "Walk with us" button and sign up. You can do this alone, but also as a team. Do you have any questions or need help? Then contact Lisette Pals, fundraiser at the Radboud Fund, at lisette.pals [at]

Walk with us for Radboud100

Not walking yourself, but still think this is a good cause? Then sponsor one of your colleagues or (fellow) students.

Sponsor our Radboud100 participants

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