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  • Radboud Impact Festival: Discover how to play your part

    Chances are you're already working on sustainable issues, in one form or another. Do you want to make a real impact? And increase your network of students and employees in sustainability? Then come to the Radboud Impact Festival from 16-20 May.

  • Overlay van foto's uit 100 jaar Radboudgeschiedenis

    100 years of Radboud University

    Op 17 oktober 2023 bestaat de Radboud Universiteit 100 jaar. Om stil te staan bij deze mijlpaal organiseren we verschillende lustrumactiviteiten, met name in mei en oktober 2023. Dit wil je niet missen, dus noteer het vast in je agenda.

  • Batavierenrace 2022

    Last week, more than 8,000 runners participated in the world's largest relay race. Watch the aftermovie or get involved with the organizing team.

  • Pilot: oat milk cappuccino from the machine

    A pilot of coffee vending machines in which cow's milk has been replaced with oat milk has been launched. See now where you can find the vending machines on campus.

  • Radboud Rocks 2022

    Na twee jaar stilte op de campus is het eindelijk weer tijd voor een nieuwe editie van Radboud Rocks! Op woensdag 25 mei toveren we de campus om tot een festivalterrein met podia, barren, foodtrucks en activiteiten. Save the date!

  • Remembrance is important but it’s not enough - Column Han van Krieken

    Dit jaar houden we de dodenherdenking terwijl er weer oorlog in Europa is. Op dit moment vallen er weer slachtoffers in Oekraïne. Jaarlijks herdenken is blijkbaar niet genoeg. Moeten we meer doen en wat dan?

  • Billie Cup: Reusable cups to reduce waste

    Have you used the Billie Cup yet? A pilot has been running in the Huygens Building since the end of January 2022. The Billie Cup is a reusable and exchangeable cup that reduces disposable waste and increases circularity on campus.

  • Gravitation grant of 21.9 million euros for research into how brains function

    Researchers at Radboud University receive a Gravitation grant from the Ministry of ECS. Over the next ten years, they will receive tens of millions of euros for interdisciplinary research into brain disorders and quantum technology.

  • We (part 2) - Column Agnes Muskens

    'We' all work for Radboud University, in different compositions and in different ways and places. Hybrid working can only be successful if 'we' jointly agree on the interpretation in open dialogue.

  • Astrid van Oyen to be appointed professor of Archaeology

    Astrid van Oyen will be appointed professor of Archaeology at the Faculty of Arts at Radboud University on 1 July 2022. Van Oyen's research focuses on Roman Italy and the western provinces.

  • Three ERC Advanced Grants for Radboud researchers

    Researchers Ivan Toni of Radboud University and Roshan Cools and Peter Friedl of Radboud University Medical Center have each received an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council (ERC).

  • Royal Distinctions for four (former) Radboudians

    On the occasion of King's Day this year, four (former) employees of Radboud University and Radboud university medical center will receive a royal distinction for their exceptional scientific and/or social achievements.

  • Prize for study career programme for students with disabilities

    Werklab started three years ago that guides students with a disability step by step to the labor market. On April 21, Werklab won the prestigious Bridge of Fame Award.

  • The Treaties of Nijmegen Medal awarded to Frans Timmermans

    The 2022 Treaties of Nijmegen Medal will be awarded to Frans Timmermans for his commitment to peace and cooperation in Europe. Timmermans will be presented with the medal in concert hall De Vereeniging in Nijmegen on 12 May 2022 at 4.00 pm.

  • In noisy situations, your words and gestures help you to be understood

    Communication seems natural to us, but there are plenty of situations where background noise makes it hard for us to understand each other. In those moments, gesturing can come in handy.

  • Why we shout during Zoom calls if the image gets blurry

    The more the video quality of an online meeting degrades, the louder we start talking, a new study by researchers at Radboud University and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics finds.

  • Erno Hermans appointed professor of Cognitive Affective Neuroscience

    Erno Hermans has been appointed Professor of Cognitive Affective Neuroscience at the Radboud University Medical Center/Radboud University. He conducts research on stress and stress resilience.

  • Aura Timen appointed professor of Primary and Community Care

    As of April 15, 2022, Aura Timen has been appointed Professor of Primary and Community Care at Radboud University Medical Center / Radboud University. In addition, on this date she will start as Department Head of Primary and Community Care.

  • New 'Stoeltjesdans'-platform gives teachers more insight into their classroom

    The National Stop Bullying Day will call attention to the fact that one in ten school pupils still suffer from bullying. Psychologist Yvonne van den Berg has designed a platform called 'Stoeltjesdans' to support teachers.

  • Growth fund grant for robot lab makes Netherlands a leader in Big Chemistry

    A research programme aiming to build a revolutionary robot lab that combines chemistry and artificial intelligence (AI) will receive a contribution of 97 million from the National Growth Fund.