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  • #takepart campaign

    Results of the student elections 2023

    The results of the student elections for the programme committees are out!

  • Marjolein van de Pol

    Marjolein van de Pol appointed professor of Student Well-being and Lifelong Learning

    Marjolein van de Pol has been appointed professor of Student Well-being and Lifelong Learning at Radboud university medical center / Radboud University. She focusses on the subjective well-being of students in combination with lifelong learning.

  • lustrumblok banner op campus

    Radboud University celebrates centenary in presence of king

    Radboud University will celebrate its centenary in 2023. The official anniversary will be celebrated on 17 October during the Dies Natalis, in the presence of His Majesty the King.

  • #takepart campaign

    Candidates for the Student Elections are known

    The candidates for the Student Elections are known! From 10 to 12 October, it is possible to vote. If your programme committee is participating, you will receive a link to vote via your student email.

  • Self service FACE and Planon Live app for reservations temporarily unavailable

    The FACE reservation system is moving to the cloud and is therefore out of service from Thursday 2 November, from 4.50 pm until Monday 6 November no later than 5 pm. Self-service will not be available to book a room, catering or workspace.

  • Artistieke weergave van de Vink (AT2023fhn). Bijzonder aan deze blauwe flits is dat hij zich niet in maar tussen twee sterrenstelsels bevindt. Links een satellietstelsel op ongeveer 15.000 lichtjaar van de Vink.

    Gemini South Captures Cosmic ‘Finch’

    Using data from Gemini South and other observatories, astronomers have found a new Luminous Fast Blue Optical Transient (LFBOT), a powerful but poorly understood type of cosmic explosion.

  • ehbo wellbeing

    Radboud Welcomes Newcomers – Become a Buddy!

    Are you a student at Radboud University and do you want to help refugee students find their way around our university? Maybe the buddy project of Radboud Welcomes Newcomers is something for you.

  • Hybride werken

    Do you already have an ergonomic home office?

    The hybrid working scheme supports employees in choosing a suitable and pleasant workplace. Therefore, employees can make use of the additional resources that Radboud University provides for this purpose.

  • Een foto van drie laptops naast elkaar

    New phishing filter for your mailbox: this is what has changed

    The previous email security Proofpoint has recently been replaced by Exchange Online Protection. This new system secures your mailbox against spam and phishing emails. The switch means that certain functions in your mailbox have changed.

  • Twee medewerkers overleggen met hun laptop en papier

    Save the date: November is all about your career

    November is dedicated to your career. Sign up for the Radboud Career Café on 9 November and the Career Day on 23 November. You can read more about how these events will help you with your future career in this post.

  • Statement concerning social safety at Radboud University

    Recent press coverage concerning Radboud University has given rise to many understandable reactions and feelings. We feel deeply for anyone who has had this kind of negative experience. Transgressive behaviour is not tolerated at Radboud University.

  • Michelle van Tongerloo is the alumnus of the year

    Michelle van Tongerloo wins Radboud Alumni Award 2023

    Michelle van Tongerloo, alumnus of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, was named winner of the Radboud Alumni Award 2023 at the Radboud Alumni Gala on 29 September.

  • Groepsfoto van de deelnemers aan het congres

    The world visiting Radboud University

    On Monday 25 September, some 60 international colleagues from over 20 different countries visited Radboud University.

  • RSC closed on 7 October

    On Saturday 7 October, all ICT systems at Radboud University will be unavailable. Due to these maintenance works, we cannot sufficiently guarantee the quality of our offer and therefor both the sports centre and The Yard will be closed on 7 October.

  • A photo of Jacqueline Heijen in conversation

    September: union month - membership with discount

    If you become a union member in September, the employer will pay half of your annual contribution up to a maximum of €100.

  • Studenten op de campus

    DEI Training Courses and Student Ambassadors Programme

    We are looking for new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion student ambassadors. Join our two-day training or the year programme.

  • Response executive board to rector stepping back

    The news of Han van Krieken's early retirement as rector touches us deeply. The developments in rapid succession evoke many feelings and thoughts in us as well.

  • Message from Supervisory Board following Rector's retirement

    Han van Krieken today informed the Supervisory Board that he will step down as rector magnificus of Radboud University with immediate effect.

  • Rector magnificus stepping back early

    I am hereby announcing that I have decided to step down early as rector magnificus of Radboud University in order to provide room for the new rector.

  • Zebravissen in een aquarium

    An easy way of making aquaculture more sustainable

    Changing the way that carp are fed can substantially reduce the amount of ammonia they excrete compared to when they eat the same amount of food all at once. This finding is one of the outcomes of Wouter Mes’s PhD research at Radboud University.