Executive Board

The Executive Board (CvB) is responsible for the day-to-day management of Radboud University and is statutorily responsible for the university. The Executive Board formulates the general policy for the university’s faculties.

Board members 

The Executive Board consists of the following members:

Division of tasks

The Executive Board has divided its tasks or ‘portfolios’ among its members. The portfolio allocation can be downloaded here.

Portfolio allocation Executive Board

as of 14-06-2021

Executive Board columns

Each month, one of the board members writes a column about a matter that they wish to address. 

Invoices and expense claims 

The Executive Board provides an annual overview of invoices and expense claims (in Dutch). 

Contact information Executive Board

Chair - Prof. dr. D.H.J. (Daniël) Wigboldus

Assistent: drs. M.F.H. (Marie-Anne) Derks

Organisational unit

Rector Magnificus - Prof. dr. J.H.J.M. (Han) van Krieken

Assistant: Ms. E.A.M. (Annelies) Mulders

Organisational unit

Vice Chair - Drs. A. (Agnes) Muskens RA

Assistant a.i.: Ms. M. (Monique) Scheepmaker

Organisational unit

Secretary - Mr M (Marijke) Pe MEC

Assistant: Ms. C.J.W.G. (Mona) Bosch

Organisational unit


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