Facts and figures: education

These are the main facts and figures for education at Radboud University.


Number of students (October 2022) 24,633
Bachelor's students* 15,644
Master's students ** 8,989
First-year students*** 5,470

* Including pre-Master’s students; ** Including post-Master’s students; *** Students who enrolled for the first time at Radboud University

International students (excluding exchange studenten) 10.6%
Exchange students (incoming) 766
International first-year students 14.2%

Study programmes

Bachelor's programmes 38
Master's programmes* 71

* Including five study programmes from the Radboud Teachers Academy, eight Research Master’s programmes and four post-initial Master’s programmes.

Diplomas and the labour market

Bachelor's diplomas (2021-2022) 2,833
Bachelor's students who graduated within four years 73,1% (in the year 2018)
Master's diplomas (2021-2022) 3,230
Paid employement, within eighteen months of obtaining a Master's degree (NAE* 2021) 97.9%

*National Alumni Survey

Student's Assessment

Students’ assessment of their study programme* 3.9**

*Based on the Nationale Studenten Enquête 2022

**Based on a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied). 

Performance indicators

Radboud University scores high in several rankings. 

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