Keuzegids Masters: the Dutch university guide to Master's programmes

The Keuzegids Masters is the Dutch university guide to Master’s Programmes. It's an independent handbook that carries out an annual review of Dutch universities and Master’s programmes on the basis of its own methodology. Points of assessment include programme content, lecturers, assessment, career preparation and ambience. The Keuzegids Masters largely relies on the opinions that are given by students in the National Student Survey.

In the new Keuzegids Masters 2024, which has been published on 21 March 2024, students rate nineteen Master's programmes at Radboud University above average compared to the national average. That is four more master's programmes than last year. Newcomers include the master's programmes in Philosophy, Tax Law and Human Geography.

Above average

The nineteen programmes that received above-average scores on three or more topics are:

  1. Public Administration (Nijmegen School of Management)
  2. Communication Science (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  3. Master's in Teaching Science (Faculty of Science, Radboud Teachers Academy) 
  4. Educatie in de Mens- en Maatschappijwetenschappen (Faculty of Arts)
  5. Educatie in de Taal- en Cultuurwetenschappen (Faculty of Arts)
  6. Philosophy (Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies)
  7. Research Master's in Philosophy (Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies)
  8. Tax Law (Faculty of Law)
  9. History (Faculty of Arts)
  10. Human Geography (Nijmegen School of Management)
  11. Literary Studies (Faculty of Arts)
  12. Linguistics and Communication Sciences (research) (Faculty of Arts)
  13. Mathematics (Faculty of Science)
  14. Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (research) (Faculty of Science)
  15. Business and Law (research) (Faculty of Law)
  16. Religiewetenschappen (Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies)
  17. Sociology (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  18. Linguistics (Faculty of Arts)
  19. Dentistry (Faculty of Medical Sciences)

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