Professors by special appointment at Radboud University

Relationships with external organisations are established through special teaching and research remits. These collaborations contribute to Radboud University’s and the faculty’s connection to these external relations, and they provide opportunities for the desired teaching and research.

In the interest of transparency, we present an overview of the special teaching and research remits at Radboud University. This overview also includes externally financed regular appointments. For each teaching and research remit, we indicate who the associated professor is, which external organisation is involved, how the teaching and research remit is funded, and when it was established.

Last update on: March 8, 2024.

Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies

Professor Teaching and research remit External organisation involved Type of funding Start date
Berg, mevr. prof. dr. C.A.M. van den (Mariecke) Feminism and Christianity Catharina Halkesfonds bequest of €350,000; position itself is unpaid 1-9-2020
Dirven, mevr. prof. dr. L.A. (Lucinda) Antique Religions, especially Ancient Egypt Religion Jozelf M.A. Janssenstiching Unpaid 1-11-2020
Kesel, prof. dr. M.A.B.M. de (Marc) Theology, Mysticism and Modernity Titus Brandsma Instituut Salary via TBI 1-6-2020
Matthies-Boon, mevr. prof. dr. E.A.V. (Vivienne) Humanism, Europe and Global Justice Stichting Socrates Difference in wage costs between UHD and HGL, 0.2 FTE, is paid by the foundation 1-2-2021
Nistelrooij, mevr. prof. dr. A.A.M. van (Inge) Dialogical Self Theory Internatonal Society for Dialogical Self Theory Main appointment at the University of Humanistic Studies (UvH) 1-9-2020
Westerink, prof. dr. H. (Herman) Philosophy of life and mental health, with particular focus on the religious-philosophical and psychoanalytic aspects KSGV Difference in wage costs between UHD and HGL, 0.2 FTE, is paid by the foundation 1-6-2022

Faculty of Arts

ProfessorTeaching and research remitExternal organisation involvedType of fundingStart date
Berkel, van, dhr. Prof. dr. M.L.F. (Marc)Holocaust educationCentraal Joods Overleg and HAN0.4 FTE1-9-2023
Ceuppens, prof.dr. G.B. (Bambi)Anton van Duinkerken knowledge exchange teaching and research remit for Art and CultureAnton van Duinkerken wisselleerstoel 0.2 FTE (expenses based on declaration)1-1-2023
Hinskens, dhr. prof. dr. F.L.M.P. (Frans)Language variation and language contactMeertens Instituut0.2 FTE (expenses based on declaration)15-2-2019
Huettig, dhr. prof. dr. F. (Falk)Psycholinguistics and Cultural CognitionMax Planck Institute0.2 FTE (expenses based on declaration)1-2-2019
Iossif, dhr. prof. dr. P.P. (Panagiotis)NumismaticsKNGMP0.2 FTE (expenses based on declaration)1-10-2017
Keppy, dhr. Prof. dr. P. (Peter)History of popular culture, mass violence and social transition in Southeast AsiaNIOD Instituut voor Oorlogs-, Holocaust- en Geocidestudies0.2 FTE (expenses based on declaration)1-9-2023
Lottum, dhr. prof. dr. J. van (Jelle)The history of labour migration in comparative perspectiveHuygens ING0.2 FTE (expenses based on declaration)1-8-2020
Mols, dhr. Prof. dr. S.T.A.M. Mols (Stephan)History of Nijmegen, with special focus on the Roman Period and the Roman LimesGemeente NijmegenMunicipality contributes €10,000 per year1-9-2021
Rossum, van, dhr. Prof. dr. M. (Matthias)Global Histories of Labour and ColonialismInternationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis van de KNAW/financiering door InsingerGillisen Bank0.2 FTE1-2-2024
Spronk, dhr. prof. dr. R.H.J. (Ron)Hieronymus Bosch and Early Netherlandish paintingStichting Jheronimus Bosch Leeropdracht0.2 FTE (expenses based on declaration)1-9-2010
Spruit, dhr. prof. dr. L. (Leen)European early modern history of ideasDr. Louise Thijssen-Schoute Stichting0.2 FTE (expenses based on declaration)1-11-2016
Verheul, dhr. prof. dr. J. (Jaap)Transatlantic RelationsAtlantische Commissie0.2 FTE (expenses based on declaration)1-4-2019
Verhoeven, mevr. prof. dr. T.H.G. (Dolly)History of GelderlandStichting Erfgoed Gelderland/Provincie Gelderland0.2 FTE (expenses based on declaration)1-1-2018
Wijngaert, mevr. prof. dr. L.A.L. van de (Lidwien)Social Networks and Government CommunicationEMMA communicatie0.2 FTE (expenses based on declaration)15-8-2021
Winkel, M. de (Marieke)Applied Arts and CraftsOttema-Kingma Stichting0.2 FTE (expenses based on declaration)1-1-2023

Nijmegen School of Management

Professor Teaching and research remit External organisation involved Type of funding Start date
Hospers, dhr. prof. dr. G.J. (Gert-Jan) Transition in cities and regions Stichting Stad en Regio Available time (0.2 FTE) 1-2-2009
Houdenhoven, dhr. prof. dr. M. van (Mark) Economic management in health care St. Maartenskliniek Available time (0.2 FTE) 15-9-2015
Schout, dhr. prof. dr. J.A. (Adriaan) European Public Administration Instituut Clingendael Available time (0.4 FTE) 1-2-2020
Meurs, prof. dr. H. (Henk) Mobility and spatial developments MuConsult B.V. Available time (0.2 FTE) 1-9-2006

Faculteit of Medical Sciences

ProfessorTeaching and research remitExternal organisation involvedType of fundingStart date
Bemt, dhr. Prof. dr. B.J.F. (Bart) van dePersonalized Pharmaceutical CareSint Maartenskliniek Available time (0.2 FTE)3-1-2020
Berden, dhr. prof. dr. H.J.J.M. (Bart)Organisatieontwikkeling in het ziekenhuisElizabeth Twee Steden ZiekenhuisAvailable time (0.2 FTE)11-1-2019
Bosch, dhr. Prof. dr. F.H. (Frank)Acute Interne Geneeskunde Rijnstate ZiekenhuisAvailable time (0.2 FTE)4-1-2019
Collin, dhr. prof. dr. R.W.J. (Rob)Moleculaire therapie voor erfelijke netvliesaandoeningenAlgemene Nederlandse Vereniging ter Voorkoming van BlindheidAvailable time (0.2 FTE)16/1/2021
Cornel, dhr. prof. dr. J.H. (Jan Hein)Inflammatie bij artherosclerotisch cardiovasculair lijdenNoordwest ZiekenhuisgroepAvailable time (0.3 FTE)4-1-2020
Dulmen, mevr. prof. dr. A.M. van (Sandra)Communicatie in de gezondheidszorg, in het bijzonder in de eerste lijnNIVELAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-1-2012
Francks, dhr. Prof. dr. C. (Clyde)Brain Imaging GeomicsMax Planck Institute Available time (0.2 FTE)4-1-2022
Fransen-Kuppens, mw. Prof. dr. G.A.J. (Gerdine)Populatiegerichte preventieGGD Gelderland-ZuidAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-7-2023
Graff, mevr. prof. dr. M.J.L. (Maud)ErgotherapieErgotherapie Nederland10.000 euros per year9-1-2018
Hasselaar, dhr. Prof. dr. G.J. (Jeroen)Social empowerment in de palliatieve zorgStichting AgoraAvailable time (0.2 FTE)5-1-2022
Jager-Wittenaar, mw. Prof. dr. (Harriët)Diëtiek en transmurale voedingszorgNederlandse Vereniging van DiëtistenAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-9-2023
Kapur, mw. Prof. dr. R. (Rita)Digital Biomarkers of Neurological DiseasesVerily Life Sciences20 working days a year1-5-2023
Kleefstra, mevr. prof. dr. T. (Tjitske)Klinische genetica en psychopathologieVincent van Gogh Topklinisch Centrum voor NeuropsychiatrieAvailable time (0.2 FTE)9-1-2020
Lambregts-Rommelse, mevr. prof. dr. N.N.J. (Nanda)Neurobiologische ontwikkelingsstoornissenKarakterAvailable time (0.2 FTE)9-1-2020
Merkx, dhr. Prof. dr. M.A.W. (Thijs)Trends en patronen in kanker en zorgStichting Integraal Kankercentrum NederlandAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-1-2008
Muijsenbergh, mevr. prof. dr. M.E.T.C. van den (Maria)Gezondheidsverschillen en persoonsgerichte integrale eerstelijns zorgPharosAvailable time (0.2 FTE)8-1-2017
Mulleners, dhr. Prof. dr. W.M. (Wim)Neurology, in particular head- and facial pain (with CWZ)CWZ0.2 FTE1-10-2023
Nat, dhr. Prof. dr. P.B. van der (Paul)Waardegedreven ZorgSt. Antonius ZiekenhuisAvailable time (0.2 FTE)11-1-2022
Schoon, mevr. Prof. dr. Y. (Yvonne)De juiste zorg voor de juiste oudere, vanwege VGZVGZAvailable time (0.2 FTE)10-1-2021
Schreurs, dhr. Prof. dr. B.W. (Wim)Landelijke Registratie Orthopedische Implantaten en Operatieve VerrichtingenNederlandse Orthopaedische Vereniging (NOV) 30.000 euros per year1-1-2019
Thelen, dhr. prof. dr. M.H.M. (Marc)Kwaliteit in de medische laboratoriumgeneeskundeStichting Kwaliteitsbewaking Medische LaboratoriumdiagnostiekAvailable time (0.2 FTE)3-1-2019
Timmerman, dhr. Prof dr. M.F. (Mark)Parodontologie Nederlandse Vereneniging voor Parodontologie Available time (0.2 FTE)12-1-2022

Faculty of Science

ProfessorTeaching and research remitExternal organisation involvedType of fundingStart date
Bickelhaupt, dhr. prof. dr. F.M. (Matthias)Theoretical organic chemistryVU AmsterdamAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-12-2012
Buma, dhr. prof. dr. W.J. (Wybren)Spectroscopy of photoactive molecules and materialsVan 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (UvA)Available time (0.2 FTE)1-5-2017
Dempsey, mw. J.T. (Jessica)Ethics in AstronomyASTRON0.1 FTE1-11-2023
Ee, dhr. prof. dr. R. van (Raymond)Entrepeneurship and innovation in life sciencesPhilipsAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-11-2011
Fisher, dhr. prof. dr. S.E. (Simon)Language and geneticsMax Planck Institute for PsycholinguisticsAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-5-2012
Ferrari, mw. Prof. dr. P. (Pamela)Instrumentation in Particle PhysicsNWO instituut NIKHEF Available time (0.2 FTE)1-5-2022
Foppen, dhr. prof. dr. R.P.B. (Ruud)Integrated Conservation BiologySovonAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-5-2016
Fries, dhr. prof. dr. P. (Pascal)Neuronal CoherenceErnst Strüngmann Institute (ESI) in Cooperation with Max Planck SocietyAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-5-2011
Geim, dhr. Prof. dr. A. (Andrey)Innovative Materials and NanoscienceUniversity of ManchesterAvailable time (0.1 FTE)15-2-2010
Gravendeel, mevr. prof. dr. B. (Barbara)Plant EvolutionNaturalis Biodiversity CenterAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-11-2019
Helden, dhr. prof. dr. G.J. von (Gert)IR Spectroscopy of BiomacromoleculesFritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck SocietyAvailable time (0.1 FTE)1-5-2017
Helmstädter, dhr. prof. dr. M.N. (Moritz)Neuronal NetworksMax Planck Institute Brain Research FrankfurtBeschikbaarheid van tijd (0,1 fte)1-9-2016
Kind, prof. dr. J. (Jop)Single Cell EpigenomicsHubrecht Instituut te UtrechtAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-9-2021
Laurent, dhr. Prof. dr. G.J. (Gilles)Evolutionary systems neuroscienceMax Planck Institute Brain Research FrankfurtAvailable time (0.1 FTE)1-7-2021
Leeuwen, dhr. Prof. dr. ir. D.A. van (David)Machine learning on human-generated dataSpraaklab BVAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-12-2017
Maes, dhr. prof. dr. D.C.E. (Dirk)InsectenbeschermingINBOAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-9-2021
Noldus, dhr. prof. dr. L.P.J.J. (Lucas)Behavior, information technology and innovationNoldus BVBeschikbaarheid van tijd (0,2 fte)1-9-2019
Novoselov, dhr. prof. dr. K.S. (Kostya)Elektronische eigenschappen van nieuwe materialenCentre for Advanced 2D Materials, Nat. University of SingaporeAvailable time (0.1 FTE)1-9-2013
Posthuma, dhr. prof. dr. L. (Leo)Duurzaamheid en Milieurisico'sRIVMAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-9-2016
Postma, M. (Marieke)Theoretical Cosmology and Beyond the Standard Model Particle PhysicsNikhefAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-11-2022
Schaminee, dhr. prof. dr. J.H.J. (Joop)Onderzoek aan plantengemeenschappen met bijzondere aandacht voor de eco-informatica (de Westhoff-leeropdracht)Alterra (gelieerd aan WUR)0.2 fte salary costs reimbursed1-10-2006
Schuman, mw. prof.dr. E.M. (Erin)Synaptic function and plasticityMax Planck Institute Brain Research FrankfurtAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-8-2021
Sim, mw. Prof. dr. S. (Sarah)Corporate Environmental SustainabilityUnileverAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-7-2022
Smolders, dhr. prof. dr. A.J.P. (Fons)Applied BiogeochemistryB-Ware Research CenterAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-7-2015
Spreij, dhr. prof. dr. P.J.C. (Peter)Financiële wiskundeUvAAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-11-2015
Vinck, dhr. prof. dr. M.A. (Martin)Neural codes and circuitsESIAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-5-2021
Verheul, dhr. prof. dr. E.R. (Eric)Financial Information SecurityNederlandse Vereniging van BankenRegular appointment; 0.2 fte salary costs reimbursed1-2-2013

Faculty of Law

Professor Teaching and research remit External organisation involved Type of funding Start date
Kuypers, dhr. prof. mr. P.H.L.M. (Pieter) Europees en nationaal aanbestedingsrecht Advocatenkantoor AKD Available time (0.2 FTE) 1-2-2013
Schulte-Nölke, dhr. prof. dr. H. (Hans) Duits Recht Universiteit Osnabruck Special teaching and research remit, no honorarium due 1-9-2013
Verkes, dhr. prof. dr. R.J. (Robbert-Jan) Forensische psychiatrie Stichting Koningsheide Stichting Koningsheide pays €3,000 per year.  1-4-2014
Heemskerk (Mark) pensioenrecht GAK Partly (0.2 FTE) externally funded by GAK 1-4-2016
Vermeulen (Ben) Onderwijsrecht Stichting Katholieke School Remuneration from Stichting Katholieke School (0.1 FTE) 1-2-2008
Bakker (Sjoerd) Rechtspraak De Rechtspraak (in casu het Gerechtshof te Arnhem) Available time (0.2 FTE) 1-1-2023

Faculty of Social Sciences

ProfessorTeaching and research remitExternal organisation involvedType of fundingStart date
Bakx, mevr. prof. dr. A.W.E.A. (Anouke)BegaafdheidStichting Centrum voor BegaafdheidsonderzoekAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-5-2018
Batenburg, dhr. prof. dr. R.S. (Ronald)Arbeids- en organisatievraagstukken in de zorgNIVELAvailable time (0.2 FTE)15-4-2017
Boot, mevr. prof. dr. C.R.L. (Cécile)Organisatie en kwaliteit van werk in de ouderenzorgJohannes de Deo/KaloramaAvailable time (0.3 FTE)1-10-2018
Brouwer, mevr. prof. dr. (Anne-Marie)Mental State MonitoringTNOAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-1-2023
Didden, dhr. prof. dr. H.C.M. (Robert)Intellectual disabilities, learning and behaviourStichting TrajectumAvailable time (0.6 FTE)1-7-2009
Ee, mevr. prof. dr. mr. E. van (Elisa)Psychotraumatologie in ontwikkelingsperspectiefStichting Reinier van ArkelAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-5-2021
Egger, J.I.M. (Jos)Contextual NeuropsychologyInstituut Vincent van Gogh/Radboud Centrum Sociale Wetenschappen Regular appointment; external party finances 0.2 FTE, RCSW finances 0.2 FTE 
Hoekman, dhr. prof. dr. R.H.A. (Remco)Sportsociologie en SportbeleidMulier Instituut0.2 FTE1-10-2023
Heijden, dhr. Prof. dr. P.T. van der (Paul)Multidimensionele psychodiagnostiek gedurende de levensloopStichting Reinier van ArkelAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-3-2022
Hendriks, dhr. prof. dr. G.J. (Gert Jan)Behandeling van angststoornissen en depressie bij ouderenPro PersonaAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-4-2019
Hoogeveen, mevr. prof. dr. A.J.M. (Lianne)ldentification, support and counseling of talentStichting Centrum voor BegaafdheidsonderzoekRCSW provides the candidate for 0.2 FTE, 0.1 FTE of which it invoices to CBO1-3-2021
Hutschemaekers, dhr. prof. dr. G.J.M. (Giel)Geestelijke GezondheidszorgPro PersonaRegular appointment; 0.3 FTE is paid by Pro Persona 
Keijsers, dhr. prof. dr. N.L.W. (Noël)Clinical Motor ControlSint MaartenskliniekAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-11-2021
Kinsbergen, mw. Prof. dr. S. (Sara)The role of citizens in sustainable developmentStichting Wilde GanzenExternal party funds 0.3 fte; RCSW funds 0.2 fte1-7-2023
Kluwer, mevr. prof. dr. E.S. (Esther)Duurzame Relaties en WelzijnStichting Marriage Week NederlandAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-10-2016
Koch, dhr. prof. dr. D.J. (Dirk Jan)Buitenlandse handel en ontwikkelingssamenwerkingMinisterie van Buitenlandse ZakenAvailable time (0.2 FTE)15-2-2017
Meyer, mevr. prof. dr. A.S. (Antje)Individual differences in language processingMax PlanckAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-4-2011
Minnen, mevr. prof. dr. A. van (Agnes)Angstregulatie en behandeling van angststoornissenPSYTRECAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-11-2007
Özyürek, mw. Prof. dr. H.A. (Asli)Gesture, Language and CognitionMax Planck Institute0.2 FTE1-7-2023
Rowland, mevr. prof. C.F. (Caroline)First Language AcquisitionMax PlanckAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-12-2018
Spijker, dhr. prof. dr. J. (Jan)Chronische DepressiePro PersonaAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-3-2012
Tiemens, mevr. prof. dr. B.G. (Bea)Evidence Based Practice Mental Health CareIndigoAvailable time (0.2 FTE)1-4-2016
Vissers, mevr. prof. dr. C.T.W.M. (Constance)Neuropsychologie en TaalontwikkelingsstoornissenKoninklijke Kentalis, met behulp van Fonds Instituut voor Doven en de Steunstichting H.D. GuyotAvailable time (0.4 FTE)1-3-2019
Wauters, mw. Prof. dr. L.N. (Loes)Upbringing and education of hearing-impaired and deaf children and adolescentsKoninklijke KentalisAvailable time (0.4 FTE)1-4-2023