Student satisfaction

In the 2023 National Student Survey, Radboud University students awarded the their study programme with an average score of 3.95 on a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied) . No less than 8,145 Radboud University students took part in the 2023 edition of this national student satisfaction survey, representing 33.2% of the total number of students. 

The National Student Survey

The results of the National Student Survey are a vital source for further improving the educational quality of study programmes. These results are also used for information materials that are crucial for prospective students, such as the Dutch University Guide, the Elsevier Best Studies Ranking and the Studiekeuze123 website.

Snapshot of the Infographic NSE 2023
Snapshot of the NSE infographic 2023

Results National Student Survey 2023

If you would like to know how students assess the individual programmes or faculties of Radboud University, please view our own interactive NSE-Dashboard, or the NSE-dashboard on the website of Studiekeuze123. The most important results of the National Student Survey 2023 have also been incorporated into the infographic below.

Interactive NSE-dashboard

NSE-Dashboard Studiekeuze123 (in Dutch)