Faculty of Arts

Radboud University's Faculty of Arts offers Bachelor's and Master's programmes in the fields of art, culture, history, communication and language. Our research is conducted within two research institutes: Centre for Language Studies (CLS) and Radboud Institute for Culture and History (RICH).


Illustratie van weegschaal, prikkeldraad, koffers, vlag, voedseldropping

"Heritages of Hunger" exhibition now online!

Just published: an online exhibition on famines, aimed at high school students. It delves into historical truths and modern misconceptions of famine, offering a unique perspective on its complex causes, its profound impacts, and ways to prevent it.

Prevent – Cure – Care Dialoogsessies

Gravitation grant for research into therapies for blindness, adaptability in crises

Several projects involving researchers from Radboud University and Radboudumc are receiving NWO Gravitation Grants. These projects will each receive amounts of more than 20 million euros for top research.

Nijmegen in de vuurlinie

Exposition: Young People in the Line of Fire

In het Huis van de Nijmeegse Geschiedenis is twee maanden lang de expositie ‘Jongeren in de Vuurlinie’ te zien. Deze expositie is gebaseerd op het onderzoek van historicus Joost Rosendaal.


The main building of the Faculty of Arts is the Erasmus Building.

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