Faculty of Arts

Radboud University's Faculty of Arts offers Bachelor's and Master's programmes in the fields of art, culture, history, communication and language. Our research is conducted within two research institutes: Centre for Language Studies (CLS) and Radboud Institute for Culture and History (RICH).


Twee mannen schreeuwen naar elkaar door een megafoon

An Open Mind: Workshops and Lectures on Rhetoric

Peitho will be organising several activities under the title An Open Mind. Find out more and sign up.


Grey's Anatomy or Me Before You helps in coping with death

People actively engaging with death, for instance by reading about it, and then watching a film where that subject is central, learn to deal with death better. This is shown by research by Enny Das and Anneke de Graaf from Radboud University.


Outlook university leads to reconsideration of campus plan: pausing new housing for FFTR and FDL

In order to prioritize the execution of our primary processes of education and research, the Executive Board is pausing the execution of the current campus plan.


Inaugural lecture professor Astrid Van Oyen

Control of language in bilingual speakers with and without aphasia

Highlights in the Language Sciences Conference 2024


The main building of the Faculty of Arts is the Erasmus Building.

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