Faculty of Arts

Radboud University's Faculty of Arts offers Bachelor's and Master's programmes in the fields of art, culture, history, communication and language. Our research is conducted within two research institutes: Centre for Language Studies (CLS) and Radboud Institute for Culture and History (RICH).


Waalpainting Operation Market Garden Lindenberg

New Waalpainting about Operation Market Garden at the Lindenberg

Lindenberg Cultuurhuis at Ridderstraat 23 in Nijmegen recently gained a huge mural. This Waalpainting is about Operation Market Garden (17-25 September 1944) and was designed and painted by Gerco Hiddink from Studio Hartebeest.

Lustrum Faculty of Arts collage

Lustrum Faculty of Arts

In 2023 we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Faculty of Arts by organising a lot of fun and diverse activities. Discover our history with the Timeline in the Erasmus Building and by playing our custom-made game Awesome Academics.

Jeroen Dera, universitair docent Nederlandse Letterkunde

Jeroen Dera receives KNAW Early Career Award for leading research on literature education in the Netherlands

Jeroen Dera, assistant professor of Dutch Literature at the Faculty of Arts, receives the award for his innovative research into the place of reading in education, but also on online platforms such as TikTok.


The main building of the Faculty of Arts is the Erasmus Building.

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