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The Faculty of Arts is a faculty of Radboud University. The two main tasks of the faculty are teaching and research. These core tasks are organised into three departments and two research institutes.

Organisation chart

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Nijmegen Language Capital

Uitreiking eredoctoraat Adriaan van Dis

Book release of honorary doctorate to Adriaan van Dis

During the campaign week of Nijmegen Language Capital writer Adriaan van Dis was appointed an honorary doctorate on 11 May 2022 in De Vereeniging. In order to remember that day, the Marketing and Communication Department of the Faculty of Arts, in collaboration with Radboud University Press, produced a 48-page book edition.

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Confidential Contact Persons

The confidential contact person acts as the faculty point of contact for social safety. Employees and students who are unsure about whom to talk to can contact the confidential contact person. If necessary, the latter can refer them to the central team of confidential advisers for staff or students.

Erasmus Building

The Erasmus Building is the main building of the Faculty of Arts.

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Faculty documents

For faculty documents, such as the policy plan and annual report, please contact the Executive Affairs Office.

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