Board and participational bodies Arts

The Faculty Board is responsible for the administration and management of the faculty to ensure the quality of education and research. They are supported in their decision-making by various committees and participation bodies.

Faculty Board

The Faculty Board leads and manages the faculty and sets the course for the faculty, which is done in consultation with the Management Team and the Faculty Joint Assembly (FJA). The Faculty Board of the Faculty of Arts consists of:



Board Secretary

Faculty Joint Assembly

The Faculty Joint Assembly (FJA) forms co-determination within the faculty. In the FJA, members of the Subcommittee on Literature (SCL) and members of the Faculty Student Council on Literature (FSRL) meet with the Faculty Board. The SCL is the co-determination body for the staff of the Faculty of Arts and, as such, part of the University Works Council. The FSRL represents students' interests; the voice of staff and students is therefore heard in the FSRL.



Assistant secretary

Facultaire Studentenraad Letteren 2023 - 2024

Faculty Student Council of Arts

The Faculty Student Council of Arts (FSCA) promotes the interests of students within the faculty. The FSCA deals with issues such as examination timetables, library opening hours and examination regulations. Together with the Programme Committee and the Student Assessor, the FSCA is responsible for student representation.

The FSCA consists of:

  • Fleur van Schaijk (Chair)
  • Mieke van der Meiden (Vice-Chair)
  • Li Bosveld
  • Hans Borgman
  • Lieke Hageman
  • Lloyd Hooghwinkel
  • Liselotte Hendrikse (Student Assessor)


Assessor Faculteit der Letteren Liselotte Hendriks

Student Assessor

The Student Assessor is part of the Faculty Board and ensures that the student perspective is included in the decision-making in meetings. The assessor also maintains close contact with the FSRL and OLC and liaises centrally with assessors from other faculties.


Programme Committees

Every study programme has a Study Programme Committee. Half of the members of a Study Programme Committee are elected by and from among the study programme students; the other half of the committee consists of members of the academic staff of the study programme in question. The committee is concerned with ensuring and improving the quality of the study. You can find more information on the STIP website about the programme committees.


The Subcommittee (OCL) is the employee participation body for the staff of the Faculty of Arts and, as such, is part of the University Works Council. You can approach the OCL members with questions, problems and suggestions related to your work in this faculty.