Collaborative research

Looking for the latest insights for your organisation in the field of language, culture, communication, art and history? Scientists from the Faculty of Arts have the knowledge and qualities to help your organisation move forward.

On this page, you will find an overview of collaborative opportunities. Are you interested? Contact us directly, and we will discuss what we can do for each other.

Commissioned Research

Want to have your question scientifically and independently researched and answered? You can. We discuss your question together and see what we can do for you. If there is a match between your question and our expertise, we will conduct the corresponding research and share the results with you via, for example, an advisory report.

Product Development

Newly developed knowledge enables us to contribute to developing innovative products and services. For example, did you know that we can make robots talk? The advanced speech technologies developed within the Faculty of Arts can serve as the basis for your product. But we also work with healthcare institutions to create new apps or with museums to design appealing exhibitions. In translating knowledge and insight into practice and application, we are also happy to work with you and for your market.

Joint Grant Applications

We are constantly working to develop new knowledge and would like to cooperate with external partners to research joint issues optimally. This strengthens research and its usability and accessibility for society and companies. Partnership in European and national grant applications is one of the possibilities.

Research Internships 

Do you have an issue within your organisation that you would like to have looked at but that you still need to get around to or need help solving? Or would you like to bring your company or sector to the attention of the new generation of employees? Our students are happy to look into real cases as part of their studies. Find out what the possibilities are in collaborating with students.


Want to work together? Contact us via the email address below.

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