Working together with students

Over 2,500 students are enrolled in the Faculty of Arts, with 10 undergraduate programmes and 12 graduate programmes. These students have a heart for language, culture, communication or history. We like to give them the opportunity to put their skills into practice. On this page, you can read what our students can do for your organisation.

The students are always highly motivated and independent, and the guidance from Radboud University is enjoyable and provides sufficient feedback points.
Heidi de Ruiter Senior Policy Officer Euregio Rijn-Waal Read Heidi's story

Offering Internships, Graduate Roles, Side Positions and Jobs

On average, 250 students from our faculty do internships. This is spread across all programmes but especially in the master's programmes. The criteria differ per programme, but overall, these are internships of around 280 hours, carried out by students over an average period of three to four months. Students work in the day-to-day operations of your organisation, which is largely focused on the discipline of the study (e.g. communication tasks, research work) and sometimes a student also has to carry out an internship assignment for the study programme. Feel free to ask us for further details.

Almost all students want a part-time job during their studies, and all students are looking for a job after graduation. With an average student population of over 2,500, this offers a huge potential for your organisation. 

Company Visits

Would you like to increase your brand awareness and introduce students to your organisation and field of work? Then it is possible for a group of students from a Career Day, study association or course to visit your organisation. Students are given a presentation, a guided tour and sometimes even a case study. The content is tailored to your wishes and those of the group of students (what is the reason for the group to visit the organisation).

The enthusiasm and accuracy with which the students set to work means that the results of their research are of real benefit to us.
Judith van Os Head of Marketing & Communication, GOshort Read Judith's story

Meeting talent

Want to connect with students in an approachable way? Then come to one of the Career Events we organise. A great event that many students from the Faculty of Arts attend is the Career Market organised every year in April. Would you like to know more about this? Let us know via the contact button.  

Expertise as a guest speaker

Do you also recognise that starting employees sometimes find it difficult to apply the theory learned in practice? We can solve this together. Share your knowledge and experience during a guest lecture. You will be guided by the lecturer. You will hear the latest theoretical insights and get a picture of how the new generation looks at things. You in turn can colour the theory by sharing current practical experience.  

Case study as teaching material

Would you like to have something investigated or are you curious to know how 'your organisation is doing on subject X'? Then your organisation can serve as a case study during a course. Think, for example, of a subject in the field of management and organisation, diversity in communication or have a master student investigate a communication issue. Depending on your needs, we look at the possibilities within the programmes and courses and simply start with an exploratory discussion.  


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