Contract education

The Bachelor's and Master's programmes of the Faculty of Arts provide many courses each year. You can take part in some of these courses even if you are not enrolled as a student at a university. The courses can be taken separately but are not followed by a degree. Nor can these courses be used to qualify for admission to a university Bachelor's or Master's degree. In fact, if you do not directly qualify for admission to a Bachelor's or Master's degree, you can only be admitted via a Pre-Master's degree.

For whom?

Contract education is open to non-students who are already residents in the Netherlands and hold a visa. Moreover, participants must have a vwo diploma (Dutch diploma) or have followed at least 3 years of education at hbo level (Dutch University of Applied Sciences) and meet the entry requirements for the course as formulated in the study guide. Are you an international student, and do you have a comparable degree or sufficient relevant work experience? Then contact the study advisor to ask whether participation in a course is possible.

Course offer

The full course offer for contract students can be found here. The condition is that there is sufficient space within the course, with Radboud University students having priority. As a contract student, you may take the tuition as well as the exam. The language proficiency course is not open to contract students. If you are an alumnus and make use of your voucher, there is an extension to the course offer for certain programmes. If, as an alumnus, you are specifically interested in a particular course that is not covered by the course offerings for contract education, please email onderwijsadministratie [at] first.

Besides contract education, you can also participate in courses offered by Radboud In'to Languages (specialised in language and communication). For these, the fee below does not apply, but separate fees apply.


The costs are €90 per ECTS (EC). For a 5 ECTS course, this amounts to €450 (including 2 examinations and certificate, excluding the required literature). You will receive the certificate if you have passed the examination. You should apply for this certificate yourself via the Student Information Point Arts. Participation in the examination is not compulsory. The costs do not apply to alumni who wish to take the course via vouchers/study credit.

You will receive an invoice from us for these costs, and this invoice must be paid before the start of the course.


If you wish to register for a course as a contract student, you can do so using this registration form. You must register at least two weeks before the start of a course. The Student Information Point (STIP) will take care of handling the registration and payment.

You can withdraw your registration up to two weeks before the start of the course. You can only withdraw your registration by emailing onderwijsadministratie [at] If you withdraw your registration in time, the course fee will be refunded minus 10% of this course fee in administration costs. Later cancellation means you will owe the full course fee.


If you have any questions about taking contract education, please contact the relevant study advisor. If you have a question about your registration or your invoice, please send an email to student administration: