Ethics Assessment Committee Humanities

The aim of Ethics Assessment Committee of the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies (EACH) is to ethically assess the research carried out within the faculties in which humans are directly or indirectly involved.

Assessment procedure for research projects

The EACH only assesses research projects in which data collection has not started yet. Assessment is obligatory for research projects which take place at the CLS Experiment Lab and for CLS research through the Radboud Research Participation System (SONA). This obligation also applies for student projects.

Applications can be submitted via the online registration form (intranet). On the EACH Intranet page you will find a guide to the procedure, sample documents and consent forms for research participants and further information about the EACH.

EACH Intranet


If you have a complaint about research in which you participated or were invited to participate, you can complain directly to the responsible researcher.

If this doesn’t bring about the desired result, you can submit a complaint to the Ethics Assessment Committee Humanities of the Radboud University through the complaint form.

Complaint form