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Ex Tempore is the official professional journal of the History Department in which both staff and students publish about history in general, with a special focus on developments within Nijmegen's History Department. For years, Ex Tempore has been committed to making readable, scholarly articles by Nijmegen historians accessible to students, lecturers, researchers, alumni and other historians interested in history. The editorial board, consisting of lecturers and students, publishes three editions a year, with various appealing history topics forming the core of each.


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Subscription form

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Theme section

Every semester, Ex Tempore offers second- and third-year students the opportunity to publish their research from a thematic lecture for this online section. Below are the articles from last semester.

Lea Leentjens, ‘Bovengronders en Ondergronders’


This paper examines how the relations between civil servants and miners affected the understanding between the two after the 1950s in the Mining Region (in Dutch).

Rick van Brummelen, ‘Onderscheid door Ongesteldheid’


This article examines the tactics of mukhâlafa, the relationship between 9th-century Islam and Judaism, based on Islamic regulations regarding menstruation (in Dutch).

Editorial board members

Ex Tempore has an editorial board consisting of both staff and students of the History Department of Radboud University Nijmegen. It is one of the few academic journals in the Netherlands with such a composition, which makes the journal a unique learning opportunity.

Student members:

  • Kris van der Aar
  • Alicia Anthonise (Treasurer)
  • Chris Bekkenk
  • Jetze Boon
  • Kees Buijs
  • Doortje van den Bulk
  • Xia van Beuningen (Secretary)
  • Amy van den Broek
  • Bart van Duijvenbode
  • Rens Gilissen
  • Jasmijn Jansen (Chief editor)
  • Annelore Lam
  • Louis van den Langenberg
  • Tess Obbink (Head of layout)
  • Imke Odinot
  • Anne Peters
  • Louise Stevens
  • Bram Takken
  • Pepijn Trienekes
  • Iris van Vlimmeren
  • Emma Zijp


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