Peitho - Rhetoric and persuasion

Peitho is Radboud University's knowledge centre for rhetoric, bringing together knowledge and expertise on rhetoric and persuasion on the Radboud campus. Peitho organises scientific and public conferences, lectures and education, sparks social debates and is a source of questions for anyone who wants to know more about persuasion.

Peitho and research

Peitho is interested in all research related to rhetoric and the persuasion process. This website provides an overview of research news in the field of rhetoric. It also brings researchers together outside the website by, for example, helping to discuss collaborations between researchers from different faculties.
In addition, Peitho can contribute practically to research in various ways. This can include advice or help in performing (rhetorical) analyses of texts or suggestions for theoretical backgrounds in persuasion.

Peitho also develops ideas about how research implications can be presented to the public.

Practical communication training for academics (such as successfully applying for grants or bringing research results to the public's attention) is available via Radboud in'to languages.

What can Peitho help you with?


Peitho can provide input for lessons on the various aspects of rhetoric. For example, this could include the success of a political speech or campaign or how subtle choices in texts convince us in different ways. For more information on (other) classroom programmes and for help or advice on profile papers, see also PUC Society. The Academia lectures on the Radboud University campus are also interesting for students interested in Greek, Latin, Ancient History and Archaeology.

Profile paper

Peitho can help you with advice and ideas for making a profile paper on persuasive texts. The Pre-University College of Society offers working lectures in Academic Skills and master classes and can also help you make your profile paper.


Peitho is open to a good debate and is happy to help organise discussions, such as on suitable propositions and the organisation and judging of the debate. Peitho can also briefly introduce debate techniques to help new debaters get started.


Peitho gives lectures on rhetoric and persuasion on various occasions. These sometimes focus on a current speech or campaign, including classic speeches or larger developments. Peitho also collaborates with Radboud Enrichment for lectures or lecture series.

In-service training

In cooperation with Radboud Enrichment and Radboud Pre-University College of Society, Peitho gives lectures and lecture series on the persuasion process, which are suitable as educational activities for professionals in various fields. In addition, themed courses are possible at the request of organisations or associations. Peitho has a network of scientists and professionals in multiple professional groups to tailor lectures to the specific demand.


Do you have questions, or would you like more information? Then get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help you!