Research facilities

Researchers at the Faculty of Arts can make use of several research facilities.

Humanities Lab

The Humanities Lab offers technical facilities for research within the Faculty of Arts. Humanities Lab is a collective name for three components: the CLS Lab, the Video Lab and the Computer Lab


The CLS (Centre for Language Studies) Lab offers:

  • Testing rooms with soundproof booths
  • Eye tracking equipment
  • Audio recording equipment
  • EEG equipment
  • Biopac equipment
  • Portable equipment (i.e. laptops, audio recorders, cameras)

The testing rooms with soundproof booths are very suitable for individual experiments. In addition, we have a testing room for small group experiments. The rooms are equipped with pc's, monitors, headphones and button boxes.

Video Lab

The Video Lab is a studio for professional video recording and editing. The Studio features a multi-camera (pantograph) system with 5 semi-professional cameras, equipment for recordings in HD quality and high-quality lighting. This studio has Mac workstations with software applications used for video editing.

For more information, please contact lab manager Margret van Beuningen (clslab [at]

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab offers support by ICT specialists. Support includes:

  • Designing, storing and querying large databases
  • Programming support (e.g. Presentation, OpenSesame, Python)
  • NLP, automatic text and speech analysis
  • Hosting and maintaining experimental websites
  • Providing a Linux/Unix environment on the Faculty's server park Ponyland
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping support
  • Text analytics
  • Building custom websites
  • Data visualization
  • Corpus annotation and analyses

For questions about the Computer Lab, please contact Henk van den Heuvel (henk.vandenheuvel [at]

Information for employees

Employees of Radboud University can find more information about the Humanities Lab on Intranet:

Humanities Lab Intranet

Ethics Assessment Committee

All research projects carried out in the CLS Lab and Video Lab must be assessed by the Ethics Assessment Committee Humanities (EACH).

Online experiments

ROLEG (Radboud Online Linguistic Experiment Generator) is an application for creating and running online language experiments. If you would like to participate in one of our experiments, then sign up here.