Research facilities

At the Faculty of Arts researchers can make use of several research facilities. These facilities are available for both external and internal researchers.

Centre for Art Historical Documentation

The Centre for Art Historical Documentation (CKD) maintains a large collection of visual materials, conducts image research and supplies images.

Language and Speech

Radboud University offers a range of facilities for research into language and speech.


The CLS Experiment Lab offers facilities with testing technology: eye trackers, EEG equipment and audio recording equipment.

Video Lab

The Video Lab is a studio for professional video recording and editing. The studio features a multi-camera (pantograph) system with 5 semi-professional cameras, equipment for recordings in HD quality and high-quality lighting.

ICT Support Lab

The ICT Support Lab offers support by ICT specialists. Support includes help with databases, programming support and hosting websites among others.

XR Lab

The XR (eXtended Reality) Lab offers a VR experiment room, Motion Capture equipment, Misty II social robot, 360 degrees camera, a tablet for AR (Augmented Reality) applications, as well as technical support for developing VR and AR applications.

Research Data Management

The RDM policy of the Faculty of Arts is based on the general principles of Radboud University, including information about FAIR principlesGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, AVG in Dutch), informed consent and the data management plan (DMP). You can also read our information about copy right licenses.

Specific RDM guidelines for research conducted at the Faculty of Arts can be found on our intranet webpages. Students can read the data management plan (DMP) information.