Board and participational bodies Law

The faculty is governed by the Faculty Board, who collaborates with the Faculty Joint Assembly. Both students and staff members serve in the Faculty Joint Assembly and on various participational bodies and committees.

Faculty Board

The Faculty Board determines the general direction that is taken by the faculty. This direction is shaped by both the Faculty Board and the Faculty Joint Assembly, in which both staff members and students serve. 

FDR faculteitsbestuur 2023

Board members 

Roel Schutgens (Dean) 
Michael Veder (Vice-Dean of Research) 
Vincent van Hoof (Vice-Dean of Education) 
Ine van den Heuvel (Administrative Director) 
Christian Korbeld (Secretary) 
Annigje van Breugel (student assessor) 


+31 6 31 13 25 37

Faculty Joint Assembly 

During the Faculty Joint Assembly (FGV), staff and students meet with the Faculty Board to discuss the current and future policies of the faculty. The participational bodies are organised in the Representative Council (OC). The Faculty Student Council (FSR) promotes the interests of the students. These are usually public meetings.  

Faculty Student Council

The Faculty Student Council (FSR) defends the interests of the students within the faculty. They deal with matters such as examination timetables, library opening hours and examination regulations. 

FSR Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid 2023-2024

2023-2024 Faculty Student Council 

Annemijn Hafkamp
Murad Baker
Daniël van Dijk
Cas Roppe

Student assessor

The student assessor serves on the Faculty Board and provides the student perspective during meetings. The assessor also maintains close contact with the Faculty Student Council (FSR) and the Programme Committee (OLC) and liaises with assessors from other faculties. 

Student Assessor FDR Annigje van Breugel

2023-2024 Student Assessor 

Annigje van Breugel


Faculty committees are concerned with the content and quality of teaching, research and its support. 

  • Education Committee, consisting of:
  • - Teacher section Program Committee
  • - Student section of the program committee
  • - Secretary and advisors Education Committee
  • Science Committee
  • Quality Assurance Committee
  • Examination Committee
  • BSA Committee
  • Radboud International College of Law (RICOL)
  • Subcommittee
  • Working group ICT in Education

Representative Council

The Representative Council (RC) is the participatory body for faculty staff and is part of the Works Council at Radboud University. The Works Council consists of eleven members and you can go to each of them with tips, comments or questions about matters in the faculty.

RC 2023-2024

  • Ronald Tinnevelt
  • Toni van Gennip
  • Vincent Koolen
  • Tom Salemink
  • Irene Larooy
  • Miriam Kullmann
  • Ben Schuijling
  • Albertine Wenting
  • Andrée Sikkema-Lenaerts
  • Tim Walree
  • Rian Bobbink


Do you have questions or remarks for the Representative Council? Do you have complaints about your working conditions? Would you like to bring certain bottlenecks to the attention of the OC? If so, you can always speak to one of the members of the OC. They would like to hear your opinion on topics that are under discussion within the faculty or that you think should be addressed.