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Nijmegen School of Management is a faculty of Radboud University. The two main tasks of the faculty are education and research. These core tasks are organised into an educational and a research institute.

Strategy and mission

In line with the university strategy 'A significant impact', Nijmegen School of Management has developed a faculty strategy with strategic principles and ambitions for the coming years. We summarise this in our mission: responsible governance for sustainable societies.

Strategy and mission


  • 5 bachelor's programmes
  • 7 master programmes, 43 master specialisations
  • +/- 5000 students
  • 440 fte employees

* Figures as at 1 January 2024

  • 45 professors
  • 90 fte PhD students
  • 15 PhDs (in 2023)
  • 353 publications (in 2023)


Faculty Board

The faculty board is responsible for the administration and management of the faculty to ensure the quality of education and research. The board is supported in decision-making by various committees and participation bodies. The Faculty Board consists of:

The Faculty Board is supported by secretaries: Mr. P.W. (Paul) Mans and Mr. W.M.A.J.A. (Marc) van Unen.


Faculty documents

Organisational Units

Nijmegen School of Management is one of the seven faculties of Radboud University. The faculty consists of one research institute, one educational institute, five departments, postmaster education, and a number of support services.

Organisation chart

Download the organisation chart from Nijmegen School of Management below.

February 2024

International Advisory Board

Our International Advisory Board is made up of senior people from academia, organisations and governments whose close connections provide our faculty with the external perspectives needed to influence our research, education and engagement.

The members of the International Advisory Board play a vital role in the faculty's strategic direction, offering independent guidance on key issues that face our faculty, our relationships and our development. The members' particular areas of expertise enables the faculty to provide sustainable responses to global issues affecting organisations and societies and ensure that our students are prepared for the future.

Elinor Ostrom Building

Nijmegen School of Management is located in the Elinor Ostrom Building.

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