Lustrum NSM 35 years through another lens
Lustrum NSM 35 years through another lens

NSM Focus

NSM Focus is the online platform of Nijmegen School of Management with in-depth interviews and podcasts with our researchers, organisations and alumni. Everything in one place and connected to practice.

Impact in society

Inge Bleijenbergh

The road to equality: how do we make social systems in organisations more inclusive?

Equality, diversity, and inclusion: These are important themes in the action research of Professor of Methods Inge Bleijenbergh. Her research covers topics such as gender relations in the workplace and the working conditions of migrant workers.

Sander Meijerink samen met Corinne Vitale

'Lively discussions - yet an awful lot needs to be done'

Water governance scholars Sander Meijerink and Corinne Vitale attended the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York and obtained an impression of the current water policy debate.

Foto van Muskan Achhpilia  & Karen De Meyst

ChatGPT put to the test: how did it do in its accounting exams?

Accounting lecturers Karen de Meyst and Muskan Achhpilia recently contributed to a unique piece of collaborative research, in which ChatGPT was fed thousands of accounting assessment questions to see how it would perform.

Alumni in the picture

Portret Sylvia van der Weerden Liggend

‘It’s important that we continue to learn and evolve, and that we continue to move with the times and stay open to new insights’

Fifty-five-year-old Sylvia van der Weerden has a passion for anything that involves language and communication. It is hardly surprising then that she is Director of Radboud in’to Languages.

Portret Lilian Marijnissen

'Studying gives you the opportunity to learn to think analytically’

As a child, SP party leader Lilian Marijnissen wanted to become a vet. Yet, years later, she chose to study Political Science in Nijmegen: “I wanted to understand how inequality comes about so I could do something about it.”

Portret Mathijs Noij

"Researchers are important in societal debate"

Mathijs Noij studied Human Geography and has now worked at the independent university magazine Vox for eight years. He started out as a journalist, but has since been promoted to editor-in-chief as well.

Infographic Radboud Alumni Survey

In 2022, Nijmegen School of Management conducted the Radboud-wide Alumni Survey in collaboration with Institutional Research. This survey provides us with valuable insights into the career paths and needs of our alumni. Are you curious about where our alumni ended up and what they earn? Do you want to know how they look back on their study time and what improvements they suggest? Or how they would like to stay in touch with the programme, faculty and university? Discover the results of the alumni survey in the infographic below.


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