Foto van Faculteit der Managementwetenschappen
Foto van Faculteit der Managementwetenschappen

NSM Focus: Responsible Governance for Sustainable Societies

NSM Focus is the online platform of Nijmegen School of Management with news, projects and in-depth interviews with our researchers, teachers, organisations and alumni. Everything in one place and connected to practice.

Why we do what we do

Based on our mission 'Responsible Governance for Sustainable Societies' and our broad vision of management, we pay attention to social trends in our research and education. We enable students, institutions and companies, social actors and governments to play a role in the transformation towards sustainable societies. The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals are closely aligned with this, as are our three faculty themes: sustainable living environment, resilient society and social economy.

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Sustainable environment

sign climate change

Supporting the right small changes can have big impacts

Small changes in our everyday actions can trigger significant, rapid societal shifts especially when it comes to climate action. A newstudy highlights the importance of analyzing these dynamics with a comprehensive framework.

Microplastics zijn overal, reden voor wanhoop?

Sustainable plastics are not a solution, researchers warn

With hundreds of millions of tonnes of plastic produced and used on a yearly basis, it's no surprise that people are looking for alternatives. Yet so-called ‘sustainable plastics’ are not a silver bullet, warn researchers.

Sander Chan portret

Did the climate ambitions of cities remain intact during the COVID-19 pandemic?

What happened to cities' climate ambitions during the COVID-19 pandemic? Read here more about what political scientist Sander Chan discovered during his research.

Resilient society


How AI can prevent AI from harming your organization

Artificial Intelligence can help tremendously with operations within companies and make your customers' lives a lot easier. Karim Sidaoui, assistant professor of marketing at Radboud University, co-wrote a guideline that will help managers.


How long will the African population continue to grow?

New research by Jeroen Smits from Radboud University and Lamar Crombach from ETH Zurich suggests that population growth in Africa might slow down faster than predicted by these projections.

Mathijs Moorkamp portret FM

Fireworks disasters Culemborg and Enschede: has the government learned from them? 

University associate professor Mathijs Moorkamp collaborated on the research report on how the government can learn lessons from disasters such as the Enschede and Culemborg fireworks disasters.

Social economy

Experimental Economics journal

Publication in Experimental Economics: A study by Sara Arts, Qiyan Ong and Jianying Qiu on Measuring Decision Confidence

Sara Arts, Qiyan Ong and Jianying Qiu examined how to reliably measure decision security. The paper is published in Experimental Economics.

Unseen podcast snip Claudia Gross

Claudia Gross in podcast Boeie met Unseen on MLM and Dropshipping.

What is multi-level marketing and Dropshipping and what are the problems? University lecturer Claudia Gross talks about this in the podcast Boeie with Unseen.

Portretfoto Karim Sidaoui

'We help Microsoft take a step towards the responsible use of big data'

Read in this interview how Karim Sidaoui, associate professor of Marketing (part of Business Administration) prepares students to use data and data analysis tools responsibly.


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