Participational bodies PTRS

Students and employees have a say in the management of the faculty through two co-determination organs: the Representative Council and the Faculty Student Council. Together, they form the Faculty Joint Assembly. In addition, every study program has its own Programme Committee.

Faculty Joint Assembly

The Faculty Joint Assembly (FGV) is the co-determination body of the faculty. The FGV is comprised of the Representative Council (OC) and the Faculty Student Council (FSR). The FGV offers advice to the board and has the right of consent on various topics.

Faculty Student Council

The Faculty Student Council is committed to the interests of the students within the faculty. Together with the Programme Committee and the Student Assessor, the FSR represents the students within the co-determination system.

FSR 2023-2024

  • Nan Lont, president
  • Dagmar Esselink, vice-president
  • Kristin Kostova, secretary
  • Silvester Borsboom
  • Alësha Smit
  • Charlotte Blaak

Representative Council

The Representative Council (OC) is comprised of employees from various departments of the faculty. The Representative Council takes the interests of all employees to heart and excercises co-determination via the FGV.

Student assessor

The student assessor is part of the faculty board and offers advice on important issues. In addition, the assessor stands in close contact with the FSR and Programme Committees to represent the students as accurately as possible.

Noortje Schonck

Student assessor 2023-2024

  • Noortje Schonk

Programme Committees

Each study programme has its own Programme Committee (OLC). These committees consist of students and teachers of the study programme. The Programme Committee offers advice on the contents and quality of the education. The following Programme Committees are present in the faculty:

  • olc.filosofie [at] (Philosophy)
  • olc.rmphil [at] (Research Master Philosophy)
  • olc.theologie [at] (Theology)
  • [at] (Religious Studies)