Contract education

The Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studes provides the possibility to follow certain courses from our Bachelor's and Master's programmes, even if you are not enrolled as a student.

For whom?

Contract education is open to non-students who are already residents in the Netherlands and hold a visa. Moreover, participants must have a vwo diploma (Dutch diploma) or have followed at least 3 years of education at hbo level (Dutch University of Applied Sciences) and meet the entry requirements for the course as formulated in the study guide. Are you an international student, and do you have a comparable degree or sufficient relevant work experience? Then contact the study advisor to ask whether participation in a course is possible.

Courses offered

There are several courses offered for contract students. Important note: not every course is offered in English.

One condition is that there must be sufficient space within the course, as Radboud University students have priority to enroll. Being a contract student, you are allowed to follow the education and take the final exam. You can follow up to 30 credits (EC) of contract education courses in one of the FFTR study programmes.

You will join the regular education program. This means that teachers will first direct themselves toward regular students and assume that students have certain knowledge prior to following the courses in question.


The fee for a single course amount to 265,00 euros, which includes one exam opportunity. It is possible to take the resit for any exam by paying a 25,00 euros fee. To apply for a resit, you contact the Student Information Point (STIP). Study materials and syllabi are not included in the course fee and have to be individually purchased. Alumni who want to follow courses through vouchers/study credit are exempt from these fees.

You will receive an invoice for the indicated costs, which must be paid before the commencement of the course.


In case you want to apply for a course as a contract student, you can do so via the application form below. You must apply at least two weeks before the start of the course. The Student Information Point (STIP) will finalize your application and payment.

You can cancel your application until two weeks before the commencement of the course. In case of timely cancellation, the faculty will demand 50 euros for administration fees. If you cancel after the deadline you will have to pay the entire course fee.

Certificate and exemption

If you passed the exam of a course, you can request a certificate at the Student Information Point (STIP). The certificate could provide you with exemptions when you decide to follow a bachelor's or master's program at the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. There are conditions attached to this. If you want to claim your exemptions you can make a request to the exam committee of the program in question.


In case you have any questions about following contract education, you can contact our study advisors. Do you have a question about your application or invoice? You can send an email to the Student Information Point: