Programme committee Radboud Teachers Academy

The Radboud Teachers Academy has a general programme committee (OLC - Opleidingscommissie) that serves as a participational body. The OLC gives solicited and unsolicited advice to the board.


The programme committee's task is to monitor the quality of education in all its facets. It gives advice on the One-Year Educational Master and on the Educational Minors. In doing so, the OLC deals with all the different programmes of the Teachers Academy (full-time and part-time) and all school subjects.

Curriculum & OER

The OLC is informed about developments in the curriculum at an early stage and actively discusses them. Ultimately, the OLC is asked for advice on all major changes. The OLC has advisory rights on the education and examination regulations. In addition, the committee can also give unsolicited advice on a variety of issues.

Student evaluations

The OLC discusses the results of the semi-annual student evaluations, in which the curriculum and teachers are evaluated. The main focus is on general, widely observed points of attention, which are communicated to the board.


The programme committee (OLC) of the Radboud Teachers Academy consists of four trainers (including a chair) and an equal number of students. The trainers are usually permanent members of the OLC. Students can be members of the OLC for a maximum period of one year.


Students of the Radboud Teachers Academy can contact the OLC to share questions, comments, suggestions and possibly concerns or complaints regarding the quality of education. Incoming messages are treated confidentially.

Organisational unit