Research at Radboud Teachers Academy

The teacher training programmes at Radboud Teachers Academy are founded on the latest insights from educational research. This includes findings from our own research programme 'Innovative Teaching and Learning'.

Research programme

We believe academic teachers' education must be underpinned by solid scientific and educational research. This is why Radboud Teachers Academy has a long-standing tradition of conducting research in education. Students, teachers and schools are not merely our subjects; we also collaborate with them in research projects. Together we are able to articulate the most relevant research needs and questions, and use combinations of methods with an immediate relevance to its own context. Conducting research as a collaborative endeavour optimally accounts for a sustainable impact on educational science, policy and practice.

Radboud Teachers Academy's research is motivated by two perspectives:

  • the secondary school students’ development of critical and creative thinking and acting, and;
  • the (beginning) teachers’ professional learning and development, especially within school ecosystems. 

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Research projects

Researchers of Radboud Teachers Academy are involved in  different research projects. In this list, you can find our current projects.

  • Capturing presence

    This project concerns a PhD study with an exploratory sequential mixed-methods design into the creation, manifestation and relevance of presence in secondary education in the Netherlands.

  • Working under pressure?

    Quality of education depends heavily on the availability and quality of teachers. It is well known that the teacher shortage is partly caused by dropout of beginning teachers and burnout of experienced teachers.

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A PhD at Radboud Teachers Academy

Teachers in education can apply for a doctoral grant for teachers through the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). If you are interested in conducting PhD research at the Radboud Teachers Academy with this grant, please read our research programme. Applications could have different foci on teaching and learning in senior secondary education and should explicitly fit within our research programme.

Pre-promotion track

Would you like to prepare yourself for a PhD? Then the pre-promotion track is for you. During this track, we reflect on what a PhD is and discuss the various aspects of doing a PhD. 

The deadline to apply for this year's pre-promotion track has now passed. You will find more information here as soon as you can apply for the next track.

Ethics Committee

Academic research within Radboud Teachers Academy is assumed to follow regulations and codes for ethical conduct as outlined by Radboud University, the Netherlands Educational Research Association (VOR) and Universities of The Netherlands (UNL). The Ethics Committee of the Radboud Teachers Academy will base its activities and reviews on these regulations and codes.


The Ethics Committee (EC) of Radboud Teachers Academy includes two functions: a review and assessment function and an advisory and educative function.

Review and assessment function

The EC will:

  • review and provide feedback on research ethics applications from researchers who will start research that involves data collection, data analyses and storage or use of (external) data. This relates only to data involving participants (e.g., surveys, video data etc.);
  • approve to the EC submitted research proposals;
  • review and assess any proposed amendments to approved projects that may change the ethical status of the project.


Advisory and educative function

The EC will:

  • provide advice related to issues arising from the ethical conduct of research;
  • serve an educative function within Radboud Teachers Academy, providing information and guidance related to policies and principles related to ethical academic research.



The EC consists of four Radboud Teachers Academy staff members – 2 research staff members, 1 PhD student or postdoc, and the research coordinator – and one external representative. The current members are Martina van UumAmber WalravenTamara van Woezik and Robin Satter. We currently have a vacancy for the external representative position. External advice is also provided on request by Research Information Services (RIS) as part of Radboud University.


Interested in our PhD programme? Please contact paulien.meijer [at] (paulien[dot]meijer[at]ru[dot]nl).

For more information on the ethics committee, please contact ec [at] (ec[at]docentenacademie[dot]ru[dot]nl).