Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is one of the faculties at Radboud University. The faculty is characterised by a close connection between research and education, aiming to discover and design creative solutions for the challenges of the future.


Fabrieken die CO2 uitstoten

Climate Council advises government: Act decisively and with policy on CO2 removal to meet climate goals

Active government action is needed to remove CO2 from our atmosphere. The Scientific Climate Council (WKR), of which Radboud University's Heleen de Coninck is deputy chair, argues that the government should focus policy on permanent CO2 removal.

Scholekster op een kwelder

Rising sea levels spell danger for shorebirds such as oystercatcher

Research shows that rising sea levels will drastically reduce the number of shorebirds in Europe. The number of oystercatchers will decline an additional 56 to 79 percent over the next 100 years.


James Webb Space Telescope reveals ice structure in interstellar space

For the first time, scientists have observed the 'dangling OH peak’. This peak is usually attributed to water molecules with an H-atom sticking out of a water ice surface. It suggests the surface area of interstellar ice is much larger than expected.

Visiting address

The main building of the Faculty of Science is the Huygens Building in Nijmegen.

Heyendaalseweg 135
6525 AJ Nijmegen


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