About the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is a faculty at Radboud University in Nijmegen. The Faculty's mission is to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge through outstanding education and ground-breaking research.

Strategisch Plan Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica

Science with impact

The Faculty of Science strives to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge. This means cutting-edge research and outstanding education. In doing so, we take our responsibility as a key actor in helping to find solutions for major societal and scientific challenges.

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Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is responsible for governing and managing the faculty with regard to the quality of our education and research. The board determines the Education and Examination Regulations, as well as the general regulations for exercising science and carrying out education. The board also appoints the permanent scientific staff, divides the available resources, and also establishes the budgets of the institutes.

Faculteitsbestuur FNWI

Board members


Contact the Faculty Board through the Faculty Office or via personal assistants:


Dean: ellen.top [at] ru.nl (Ellen Top)
Vice Dean of Research: Nicole Messink from 1 September 2023
Vice Dean of Education: hep [at] ru.nl (Gertie Verberk-van Haren)
Administrative Director: Jolanda Lieskamp-de Ruijter
Secretary: hanneke.klerkx [at] ru.nl (Hanneke Klerkx)

Participational bodies

The board is supported in their decision-making by various committees and participational bodies. Participational bodies of the faculty consist of: the Representative Council and the Faculty Student Council. Together, they form the Faculty Joint Assembly and they represent the interests of staff and students and contribute to general and strategic policy. Also, there is participation per study programme in the form of programme committees and institute assessors.

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Gender & Diversity

The faculty is convinced that diverse teams achieve better, and that the diversity of our students and staff contributes to the quality of our academic community. Our Gender and Diversity committee (GenDi) strives to make the faculty a good place for everyone where diverse talents are welcome and appreciated. It does so by evaluating and improving (gender) equality and diversity in the faculty, advising the Faculty Board and organising awareness events. The committee consists of the members below.

GenDi commissie


Questions or suggestions? Please get in touch with the GenDi-committee.

Huygens Building

The Huygens Building is the main building of the Faculty of Science. 

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