Together, we can make an impact: through our education, our research and our collaboration with internal and external partners to find solutions for the challenges that lie ahead in the coming decades.


Fabriekspijp met rook

Climate promise green hydrogen may not always be fulfilled

Green hydrogen often, but certainly not always, leads to CO2 gains. This claim is based on research published in Nature Energy by Kiane de Kleijne from Radboud University and Eindhoven University of Technology.

Fatin Battal

Why is it so difficult to recycle electronic devices?

Electronic products are often treated as disposable items. This needs to become much more circular. And that is precisely what John Schermer and Fatin Battal from Radboud University are working on within the Circular Circuits project.

Portretfoto Roel Vertegaal

Roel Vertegaal appointed Professor of Human-Computer Interaction

Roel Vertegaal has been appointed Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Radboud University’s Faculty of Science effective May 1, 2024.

Impact themes

Artificial Intelligence

Discover our research on the human side of artificial intelligence. From chatbots and robots that provide support in education and health, to algorithms for various complex issues.

Brain and behaviour

We are all human, but we all behave differently. Why is that? On research into what moves people and how our behavior emerges from our brain: from the level of molecules to human relationships.


Large companies, governments and other organizations collect large amounts of personal data from all of us. What are the risks and consequences and what can we do about it?


Research about everything that goes on outside our planet Earth. From lunar missions to black holes, within our galaxy and far beyond.


The Radboud Faculty of Science works closely together with external partners to realize the entire spectrum from fundamental research to innovation. Depending on the project, this takes place in a one-to-one setting or in a consortium. In some cases, this also leads to long-term strategic cooperation.

Light bulb picture Alessandro Bianchi via Unsplash

Alliander and Radboud University

By better connecting education, research and the daily practice, energy network company Alliander and Radboud University aim to contribute to the energy transition. The transition to more sustainable energy use calls for strategic cooperation.

laboratorium microbiologie

Johnson & Johnson and Radboud University

Making biomedical, pharmaceutical and clinical research available to patients faster. That is the ambition with which Johnson & Johnson is collaborating with Radboud University and Radboud University medical center.

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Consortium projects

Are you looking for funding for your consortium project? Radboud Innovation Science provides advice on different types of grants, like EFRO, Interreg, NWO, and Horizon Europe. When a grant has been awarded to a consortium with a scientist of the Faculty of Science in the lead, they also take care of the project coordination.

Contract research & consultancy

As the Faculty of Science houses several state-of-the-art research facilities and field-specific expertise, there are also requests for contract research and consultancy. You can contact Radboud Innovation Science for more information. 



The Faculty of Science stimulates entrepreneurship among students and researchers. We are proud that every year our students and scientists start spinoffs that convert knowledge from the faculty into an application.  

Overview recent spinoffs

Mercator Launch

Mercator Launch is here to help all (PhD-)students, alumni and researchers in Nijmegen transform their business ideas into value-adding products or services.
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Knowledge transfer

The Faculty of Science builds the foundations for innovation and future applications. From dike management to satellite instrumentation, from new materials to new medicine, and from magnetic levitation guided transportation to energy efficient data storage. New knowledge is continuously being generated, which could have valuable applications in the future, leading to societal impact. That is why it is essential to properly manage the Intellectual Property (IP) of research projects. Radboud Innovation Science takes care of the process of patent applications and IP licensing, in collaboration with the central department ‘Research & Impact’. In any phase of your project and beyond, the Radboud Innovation Science team is available for advice on IP generation, IP licensing and exploitation of your research results in general. Moreover, they support funding applications aimed at the next steps towards application.

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Radboud Innovation Science (RIS) aims to increase the impact of research at the Faculty of Science. RIS supports researchers in consortium projects, strategic collaborations, and optimising results through patent and licensing advice, in close cooperation with Radboud Innovation.

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