The research programmes at the Faculty of Science are internationally competitive. In a number of scientific fields, including organic chemistry, solid state physics, astrophysics, microbiology, cyber security, (epi)genetics and cognitive neuroscience, the faculty has taken a leading position worldwide.

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Research institutes

Experimental and computational research to understand the complex neural networks underlying perceptual, motor and cognitive brain functions, in close cooperation with Radboudumc. 

Improve the fundamentals of software development via formal, mathematically founded theories, methods and tools.

Fundamental research in mathematics, astrophysics and high energy physics with a focus on interdisciplinary topics.

Fundamental, experimental and interdisciplinary research in chemistry and physics, to understand, design and control the functioning of molecules and materials. 

Scientific research concerning education and didactics in science subjects.

Interdisciplinary research to analyse, assess and improve the societal embedding of science and technology.

Research on the impact of human life on the natural environment, aiming to contribute to mitigating ecosystem degradation and finding solutions to restore the natural environment.

Research on the molecular mechanisms of disease, in close cooperation with Radboudumc. 

Interdisciplinary Research Platform

The Interdisciplinary Research Platform (IRP) promotes pioneering research ideas in emerging interdisciplinary themes within the Faculty of Science, by stimulating creativity and innovation across the borders of the research institutes. 

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